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Procreating mischiefs for Cheney

Liz Cheney to run for Wyoming’s US House seat. She’s expected to announce it Monday https://t.co/UXtxPt46Ml pic.twitter.com/TZU4C3Arkh — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) January 31, 2016 The entire Cheney family should be kept out of any and all positions of power above that of Home Owners Association busybody. Wyoming will not elect a Democratic representative, so […]

Paying for cures?

There was a pretty awesome science breakthrough yesterday on the genetic and physiological roots of schizophrenia. From Nature: The most strongly associated markers in several large case/control cohorts were near a complex, multi-allelic, and only partially characterized form of genome variation that affects the C4 gene encoding complement component 4 (Extended Data Fig. 1) . […]

Time to do some homework

Via Vox:  Bernie Sanders’s health care plan is underfunded by almost $1.1 trillion a year, a new analysis by Emory University health care expert Kenneth Thorpe finds. Thorpe isn’t some right-wing critic skeptical of all single-payer proposals. Indeed, in 2006 he laid out a single-payer proposal for Vermont after being hired by the legislature, and […]