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ERISA and All Claim databases

Nicholas Bagley is worried about a Supreme Court case.  In Liberty Mutual, a self-insured company that has an administrative services only (ASO) contract with an insurer, is arguing that the requirement to submit claims data to the state of Vermont is a violation of the ERISA law that does not allow states to tell companies how […]

Lexicon and other updates

First I want to thank Alain for all of his good work around here.  The place is coming back together rather nicely. Secondly, I added the phrase “Hookers and blow” to the Lexicon a few days ago.  I don’t like my working definition as it sounds like a grad school definition. Hookers and Blow – What executives […]

How the Party Decides

From TPM: Staffers on the Senate Intelligence Committee are looking into whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) disclosed classified information during the debate, according to the committee chair. From Marcy Wheeler: Richard Burr has apparently stated publicly that he’s looking into not Marco Rubio’s serial leaking of classified information, but Ted Cruz’s alleged disclosure of classified […]

Public option and provider reimbursement nudges

On Twitter, there is a long and productive discussion about provider pricing and the recent study on commercial payer rate variations.  Part of the discussion went back to this Washington Post article on price suppression from October 2010.   The administration decided not to seek lower drug rates for Medicare, and it didn’t press for […]