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Individual Risk Adjustment payments

One of the flaws of the ACA is the incentive structure built into the second Silver subsidy calculation.  The typical on-Exchange subsidized buyer is extremely price sensitive.  Insurers have every incentive to design product offerings that are at or very tightly clustered near the 2nd least expensive Silver price point.  This means most truly affordable […]

IBNR and closing down a co-op

Charles Gaba asks a very good technical question on how to close down a co-op in New York state. #ACASignups CAN ANY INS COMPANY DATA/BILLING EMPLOYEES answer this question? https://t.co/17LrZ6bxN7 #ACA #Obamacare pic.twitter.com/njdUw2ywuS — Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba) November 7, 2015 This is doable. The easiest model for the insurance geeks is to think about ESI […]

Good news everybody

America’s uninsured rate was already historically low. It just fell even further. https://t.co/6d9tpPYCLj pic.twitter.com/8nokRUwb9y — Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) November 5, 2015 What an amazing failure — goals are being met, costs are being contained, and the expenditure curve is still looking better today than it did seven years ago. Can we have more amazing failures […]