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Democratic Debate Open Thread

Document the oddities during the CBS debate that got repackaged as a national security debate. Here is the CBS information Time: 9pm to 11pm ET Where to watch/listen: On TV: CBS television affiliates or on CBSN streaming on Apple TV,Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Xbox One Mobile: CBSN streaming on the CBS News […]

A tweet and a chart for 2016

Economists see downside risks and recession odds receding in U.S., WSJ survey says https://t.co/HcYfBa0PIy — Nell Henderson (@NHendersonWSJ) November 12, 2015 And from Kevin Drum: That got me curious: have real wages risen over the past couple of years? My preferred measure is production and nonsupervisory wages, and it looks like Lacker is right. Compared […]

Network tools and adverse information

This post is a bit disjointed as I am trying to put together a couple of different ideas from a set of Twitter conversations on network directories, network adequacy and general attractiveness of plans to members who have real needs. @claire_mcandrew @bjdickmayhew @PennLDI A “right” network might still involve difficult navigating. Members need better tools. […]

KY and lies

Earlier in the week, the Washington Post highlighted the story of a Kentucky voter who is on expanded Medicaid with a high cost condition and who voted for Matt Bevin who had been running on rolling back Medicaid expansion.  Quite a few liberal blogs tsk-tsk poorer Kentucky voters for voting against their direct interest.  I […]

Maryland’s Global Budget interim success

I’m just grabbing a lot of very good information from Health Affair’s Carmela Coyle on the Maryland experiment on cost control and quality improvement: midway through year two of a five-year demonstration period that Princeton University health care economist Uwe Reinhardt called “the boldest proposal in the United States in the last half century to […]