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Balloon baiting

Two recent posts are the epitome of Balloon Juice commentariat baiting: From Lawyers, Guns and Money,  just the headline: “Arizona GOP taps creationist chemtrail truther to lead Senate [blank] committee” I guessed it was the Science Committee And Kevin Drum linked to an article on vocabulary development: “A voluminous taboo lexicon may better be considered […]

Ugly plans and circuit breakers

There is  talk of a proposal  to limit risk corridor payments for qualified health plans in the individual market to no more than 2% of an insurer’s revenue for each state/band combination. The plan would install a so-called circuit breaker to prevent companies from paying more than 2% of their premium revenue into the program […]

Good news everybody

From the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding Healthcare.gov enrollment for policies that go live on 1/1/16: Through the deadline for January 1, 2016 coverage, almost 6 million people signed up for health coverage through HealthCare.gov, compared to last year when about 3.4 million had signed up by the first enrollment deadline. Of the […]

Flint and lead screenings

One of the things that puzzled me about the Flint lead poisoning is why the problem took so long to identify.  Medicaid gives strong incentives to managed care organizations to test their pediatric members for lead poisoning.  Michigan has their own lead policy: All Medicaid enrolled children are considered to be at high risk for […]