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What’s a couple trillion among friends

Turns out Bernie overestimated revenue from his single-payer offsets, falling $3T+ short: https://t.co/RKsoIcFpoz pic.twitter.com/bAn2q9H58H — Loren Adler (@LorenAdler) February 3, 2016 The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget ran the numbers on the Sanders’ healthcare plan and its financing and depending on the assumptions, the Sanders plan is either $3 trillion dollars short over 10 […]

The hope of stabilization

One of the frequent calls of caution from health care wonks and insurance industry folks who are actually trying to inform people instead of lobby for favorable treatment is to wait. We knew that there was going to be a massive amount of catch-up care as people who either were uncovered, sporadically covered or had […]

Different electorates, different results

One of the dumbest arguments of the 2008 Democratic primary season was the extrapolation of primary results to general election results. “Obama rolls up big margins on the Plains, he can win there in November…” “Clinton winning the Democratic primaries in Ohio and Pennsylvania means she and only she can win the industrial Midwest” Both sides […]

CHIPPING away at uninsurance

The Arkansas Times named its person of the year all the Arkansans who are newly insured. There was one vignette that stuck with me: The average high school senior isn’t too worried about insurance coverage, but for Fairfield Bay native Crystal Bles, it was a priority. When Bles began studying welding last fall at the […]