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ESI cost control and networks

There is an interesting discussion thread on Twitter about how the way Medicare for All saves money is by significantly reducing provider, device, and prescription payment rates. @charles_gaba @mattyglesias @nicholas_bagley Also, how do you squeeze down large-employer ESI payment rates short of all-payer. — xpostfactoid (@xpostfactoid1) January 15, 201   There was a related but […]

Good news everybody

I’m a little late on this but  Louisiana is set to expand Medicaid  with a go-live date of July 1. They are able to go relatively fast because they are just doing a straight up expansion. There are some significant back end plumbing tasks that need to be hammered out before expansion (risk sharing, risk […]

The power of No

Statnews has a good argument while banal calls for Medicare to negotiate for better drug prices won’t do all that much: But policy experts say the candidates and lawmakers are exaggerating how much power the government actually has to drive down drug prices on a large scale. The reality is that any attempt to negotiate […]

Hep-C and QALY

The JAMA has a good article on how Hep-C should be treated from a cost effectiveness and quality of life point of view.  * We simulated 1000 individuals, but present the results normalized to a single HCV-infected person. In the base-case analysis, among patients receiving 8 or 12 weeks of sofosbuvir-ledipasvir treatment, treating all fibrosis […]