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Good morning and open thread

Good morning to everyone.  I’m nursing a bum ankle from a non-contact injury I sustained during my late night Men Behaving Poorly soccer league, so I’m wishing that the big pills in the little orange jar were something stronger than ibuprofen right about now. I also got to see Kid #1 do an amazing job […]

Adverse Selection in New York State

Currently New York State’s individual insurance market is structured with only one of three major components of the Obamacare exchange products.  New York state requires insurance companies to sell insurance to anyone who applies for it.  This is community rating and it is a shared policy with Obamacare.  However, New York state has no mandate […]

Good morning open thread

What do you have to look forward to today?  I’m getting ready to see the world premiere of the cutting edge new play “The Very Friendly Fireflies”.  Kid #1 is in a critical supporting role as a bumblebee. Otherwise talk amongs yourselves.

Lieberdouche, Medicare for All, 218, 50, 1

Jay Ackroyd laughs when I state that there is serious path dependency issues on transitioning the US health finance and health care providing systems from the current set of kludges that are based on heavy but hidden governmental involvement in both for most working age adults, and then single payer systems for the elderly, the […]

Hey baby, what’s your network….

Phoenix Rising asked a good question in my last health insurance post: If you can explain a bit about in-network vs. out-of-network co-pays & deductibles, that might be really helpful for those who don’t already have an oncologist. Every insurance product in this country has a network.  Federally administered Medicare has a network, and the […]

What are those charges…

I’m a bureaucrat at a health insurance company which most of you have never and will never hear about. My job is to be a subject matter expert on a fairly arcane set of knowledge. I have seen some posts and some great comment threads at Balloon Juice where great questions are being asked and […]