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2009, Blue Dogs and 218

The National Journal reports the demise of the Blue Dogs as Rep Mathesion (D-UT) is retiring: Matheson’s retirement continues the decline of two overlapping Democratic groups: Blue Dogs and Democrats who opposed Nancy Pelosi’s bid to continue leading their caucus after the electoral shellacking of 2010. There are just 15 Blue Dog Democrats in the House […]

Mandate exemption expansion

By training I was a policy guy.  By career, I’m a symbolic analytical plumber.  By hobby, I’m a political junkie. The recent announcement that individuals whose non-PPACA compliant individual plans are being cancelled on Jan. 1, 2014 is first and foremost a political decision with plumbing and policy impacts. Ezra Klein from earlier this week: […]

Good news everybody

Via Politico: More than one million Americans signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act during the first three weeks of December, including 500,000 through the federal exchange, President Barack Obama announced Friday. Via ABC News: The Obama administration says nearly 3.9 million people have qualified for coverage through the health care law’s […]

Will you stay or will you go

Networks participation is extraordinarily plastic.  Providers can leave networks at will, and entry can be anywhere from signing a new contract to being invited in to being wined, dined and sixty-nined until the provider agrees to participate. In the past year for Mayhew Insurance, providers have left our primary commercial (non-Exchange) network for the following reasons: […]

Snipping Costs

I got snipped today. I was also a minor contributor to high healthcare costs due to insurance benefit design. Vasectomies are very straightforward, generic procedures with few complications. It is a fairly low skill operation. It could be done almost anywhere. However I elected to have it done at a regional academic medical center. This […]

Virtually Speaking tonight

I’m scheduled to talk about health care and PPACA implementation with Jay Ackroyd tonight at 9:00pm EST.   Virtually Speaking is here: My big concern is a combination of tech problems on my end and the fact that I have a voice best suited for blogging.   Update: That was a lot of fun.  We […]