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HHS, default choices and subsidy shocks

The Boston Globe has an interesting piece on the perils of default selection criteria for the 2015 Exchange open enrollment period.I think the piece has a good amount of information in it, but I don’t think it is as clear as it could be. Here’s the issue, in a nutshell: To streamline next year’s open […]

Obamacare in an import-export regional economic modeling view

Obamacare is many things.  One of which is an interesting natural experiment in determining whether states shooting themselves in the foot makes it harder or easier to walk than states that don’t shoot themselves in the foot.  When PPACA passed in March 2010, the basic cash flow model would have seen increased taxes (income tax […]

En Bancing on Halbig and general assholery

So what does the Halbig decision in the DC Circuit mean for the Exchanges?  On a practical matter, not much at the moment. And longer term, probably not much unless there are five assholes on the Supreme Court who decide that fucking with Obamacare is worth fucking with one hundred years of administrative law precedent. […]

System success and people with options

Jane Jacobs is my second favorite economist or economics writer (Herb Simon is #1).  In her thoughts on how an urban neighborhood unslums itself, she has a core insight.  Unslumming is the process of people who have the option to leave a neighborhood, deciding to stay instead.  This leads to local maitenance investment, it leads to social […]

Rejecting free money is expensive

Forbes Magazine is using little words to explain to its readers that hospitals in states that are rejecting Medicaid Expansion are hurting: financial issues are emerging for medical care providers in the two dozen states that didn’t go along with the expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Reports out in the last week indicate the […]