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Guest Post Hospice

Guest post by commenter PRESCOTT CACTUS. He’ll be around in comments to answer questions about his experience as a hospice volunteer. I just got my 10 year pin for volunteering with a hospice organization. I’d like to share some of my experiences and if you have any questions please free to ask. I started being […]

Conflicting incentives on rule changes

FIFA/IFAB is issuing a new set of rewritten rules for soccer with significant new interpretations effective this summer.  Most of them make a good deal of sense but there are two rules that independently make sense but are in conflict with each other when we consider the trend in rule and interpretation changes over the […]

Doomed … ooops

The fact that United Healthcare was pulling out of most states on the individual market was a sign that the Exchanges and thus Obamacare (let’s forget about the very successful Medicaid expansion for a moment) were doomed. There would be no competition and no one could make money on the exchanges. Doom I tell you, […]