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Which public option

When we see articles advocating for and against the Public Option, we have to ask one very simple question. Which Public Option are you talking about? There are three very distinctive flavors of public options that are floating out there. Each move to some degree more people to insurance and coverage that pays providers rates […]

Entrenching Medicaid Expansion

Just a pair of notes on the political entrenching of  Medicaid Expansion into the political and policy processes of the United States. First in Arkansas:   Arkansas officials should consider transferring more high-cost enrollees from the private option to the traditional, fee-for-service Medicaid program, a sponsor of the law that created the program said Monday. […]

Resiliency or fragility

Just to pile onto what Betty is saying below: Western civilization survived two global wars and nuclear brinkmanship. (And McVeigh who killed 168 with a truck). https://t.co/pfLez1olLh — Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep) July 15, 2016 Nice is a tragedy for the people who died, their families and friends but it is not an inherently system transforming […]

Practice spreads at a single price point

Yesterday I argued that the fundamental point of most liberal health policy wonkery is to drive more people to coverage that pays providers closer to Medicare rates than employer sponsored insurance (ESI) rates. The Exchange subsidy design forces a convergence, Exchange risk adjustment encourages a convergence, Medicare buy-in removes a significant chunk of the non-Medicare […]