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Good News Everybody

Via Charles Gaba: Gallup’s new polling shows 5% of the country has gone from uninsured to insured over the past six months: So, let’s see here. The Gallup poll only includes adults over 18, so… Total Population of the US: 314 million Total Adult Population: about 240 million 5% of 240 million: 12 million By an […]

Chh, chh, changes

I’m getting ready to drop a deuce into my boss’s coffee. I received and accepted an offer to be poached by another department within Mayhew Insurance last night.  The position will move me from the plumber side of the business to the architecture and “concept” side of the company as the dreamers realized that they […]

Why the Ospries won’t be needed

ISIS is a fundamentally a Sunni Arab militia which has been able to consolidate its power from the other major armed stakeholders in the Sunni dominated regions of Iraq.  The tribal levies that made up the Awakening/Sons of Iraq group (as well as the vast majority of the effective insurgent groups) have been more than […]

Competition on the Exchanges

Oh Noes — some company’s actuaries fucked up with their projections and we see a very clear example of the Winner’s Curse in Maryland: CareFirst of Maryland Inc. and Group Hospitalization and Medical Services Inc., both CareFirst companies, submitted filings to the Maryland insurance department requesting a 30.2 percent premium increase for individual plans in […]

Back to Basic

John Jacobi over at HealthLawProfBlog is going over some interesting future implementation challenges with PPACA. One of the reforms that he sees as a critical piece of the puzzle is the expansion of Basic health plans: First, and most obviously, states and advocates should be examining the Basic Plan Program, which will finally be ready […]