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Obamacare is a job killer

Finally, the evidence is in.  Obamacare is significantly hurting a segment of the US economy. From Bloomberg: Early evidence suggests that the Affordable Care Act is working — at least in one important respect, according to researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Analysts Nicole Dussault, Maxim Pinkovskiy, and Basit Zafar state that the […]

Fragmented data and high utilizers

JAMA**  had a short letter on the problems of identifying high utilizers based solely on hospital owned data: Of 45 861 individuals with more than 5 emergency department visits to Maryland hospitals in 2014, 8438 (18.4%) visited more than 3 hospitals, 8905 (19.4%) visited 3 hospitals, 14 627 (31.9%) visited 2 hospitals, and 13 891 […]

The possibility space for all daughters

As I was watching Nominee Presumptive Clinton speak tonight, I thought about my daughter asleep upstairs, and I also thought about a post I wrote last summer on the day that same sex marriage was declared constitutional.  I want to repurpose a chunk of that post tonight: I don’t know much about how my kids […]