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Game 2 open thread

Seeing as Cole is already twitter cheering the Pens-Sharks, I am stuck putting up the open thread for the game that either makes it a best of 5 or heavily tilts the ice to the Pens. Unrelated Sports Update 1: This is some amazing trolling by the PGA: BREAKING: World Golf Championships tournament held at […]

OMG drug pricing, cures and value

Last week, a judge ordered Washington State Medicaid to pay for all Hep-C treatments that previously were being rationed to only patients with significant liver scarring due to costs. U.S. District Court Judge John C. Coughenour granted a preliminary injunction Friday that forces the state Health Care Authority (HCA) to halt a 2015 policy that restricted […]

Elections have consequences: Louisiana edition

Via the New Orleans Time Picayune elections have consequences. And for once in the South they are good outcomes:   Department of Health and Hospitals will begin the massive task Wednesday (June 1) of enrolling 375,000 people into the state’s expanded Medicaid program. The department’s goal is to get Medicaid insurance cards into the hands of […]

Risk adjustment limitations

Risk adjustment on Exchange is supposed to minimize the cherry picking incentive of insurers to only try to cover healthy people.  Insurers with healthy populations pay net transfer payments to insurers with comparatively unhealthy populations.  However there are significant problems with counting on risk adjustment to solve all problems.  The biggest issue is the use […]