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Hacking the Exchanges

This is a non-ironic tweet from last night: @bjdickmayhew fun with the AV calculator — rebeccastob (@rebeccastob) April 14, 2016 I spent some time last night playing the the actuarial value calculator and found a corner case that has significant negative public policy problems and a probable flaw in the CMS model. This is a […]

Exploding Deductibles

The Kaiser Family Foundation has put out a report   NEW: Workers’ out-of-pocket costs increasing faster than costs paid by insurers for job-based #healthinsurance https://t.co/2lIA4UviQi — Kaiser Family Found (@KaiserFamFound) April 14, 2016 This looks like a crisis as deductibles have more than doubled. However percentages can be funny things, and thankfully the source data […]

Exchanges and population health management

Healthcare.gov and the Health and Human Service (HHS) research group ASPE just released a summary of the shopping tendencies during the 2016 Open Enrollment Period for Healthcare.gov states.  There are lots of very interesting nuggets in it, but one table leaped out at me as it plays to my hobby horse of churn analysis: How […]

Horrendous tackle and worse refereeing

This is probably the worst foul I’ve seen at the high school level in years: It is also a horrendous example of refereeing as there was no red card issued. Here is a local news report with some relevant details before we look at the refereeing failures. Trojans’ 4-1 girls’ soccer loss at Pinecrest on […]