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Flu and ice cream

The @AmerAcadPeds isn't recommending the nasal flu vaccine for kids this year. https://t.co/t6cU1TQqcB Subscribe: https://t.co/qd2x1Xgt5l — STAT (@statnews) September 6, 2016 The flu spray was barely more effective than a placebo in preventing flu infections in the past couple of years. Flu shots are the way to go. This will have a few policy implications. […]

Hedge funds with funny cash flow

Kevin Drum flagged a good Wall Street Journal article on how low interest rates will probably lead to higher medical malpractice insurance premiums. Over the past year, several major insurers have notified tens of thousands of people of higher costs to keep their policies in force, with increases ranging from midsingle-digit percentages to more than […]

A policy analysis question

Later on today, I’m meeting up with two referees to go to Middle of Nowhere State College for a soccer game tonight. One of my colleagues is a public policy post-doc at the local policy school and the other is a business prof focusing on economic development issues. I work with this crew once or […]