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Texas flim flam loses

Both TX's admitting privileges & surgical center requirements violate the Constitution, Justice Breyer writes for the #SCOTUS majority. — Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) June 27, 2016 A 5-3 decision ruled that HB-2 in Texas is an unconstitutional burden on the ability of women to access legal pre-viability abortions in Texas. Ginsburg’s (surprisingly short) concurrence: ‘It is […]

Convergence and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

The big health wonk news late last week was the decision by  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota to drop their broad network PPO individual market plans and offer only narrow network HMO plans on and off Exchange. Minnesota’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, has decided to stop selling health […]

You be the referee

Just a few scenarios to think about on a grey morning: Scenario A: a1)  The Home team for a U-23 league was supposed to wear their maroon shirts.  The Visiting team was supposed to wear their white shirts.  Both teams have black shorts and dark socks.  The idiot captain for Home sent an e-mail to […]

Administrative costs

I just saw two interesting (to me at least) things about back end administrative costs for health insurance.  The first is from Dan Gorenstein at Marketplace.  He writes about a ride-along for a major Medicare/Medicaid fraud bust. The federal government estimates it loses 12 percent of Medicare spending and about 10 percent of Medicaid to fraud […]

KY and a dry screw

Kentucky submitted their Medicaid Expansion waiver today. and it is a doozy.  There are a couple of interesting and potentially useful nuggets ( I liked the wrap-around policies so that a family that qualifies for multiple categories of aid stay on one plan for simplicity’s sake), a couple of things that I could live with […]