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Merely a flesh wound

When the right wing faux brouhaha blew up on keeping crappy plans for another year, I thought the proposed set of Democratic work-arounds would work in defusing the political issue with minimal long term damage to the risk pools: Date change of grandfather status from day of PPACA being signed into law to 12/31/13 for […]

Using a bigger net

Right now, one of my company’s competitors is running a series of radio ads.  The ads tout that in the small and medium group market segments, 90% of their groups renewed last year.  The implication is that 90% of their customers/decision makers are happy, so your small company should buy their product. Being an employee […]

Medicaid leak-through

On Saturday, I noted that there was a Medicaid enrollment file issue.  Approximately 100,000 people on the Exchanges had thought they had enrolled in Medicaid  or CHIP but the federal files had not properly transferred to the states to process the enrollments.  At least half of the people impacted lived in either Ohio or Pennsylvania. […]

It’s not old, its retro

There have been a couple of operational glitches during the first week of the Exchange policies going live.  Betty catches the problem that healthcare.gov is having problems dealing with changes in family situations, most notably adding a baby to a family’s policy. The bigger issue is a Medicaid enrollment file problem as the Washington Post […]

Good News Everybody

I was on call for the go-live but was able to take a couple of days off work.  I got no calls, and my e-mail back-log has only minor implementation concerns such as whether or not Doc X is in Mayhew Product Y as a new member wants to make sure she can see him […]