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Where do we get care in the out years

Yesterday we talked about how the nature of the community hospital will be changing in the next half generation. The combination of the push towards quality and bundled payments will lead to general hospitals and general specialists becoming more specialized. the combination of bundled payments and quality accrual due to specialization is that the general […]

Operation and payment reform updates

Just a few updates before I get coffee. First an interesting paper looking at surgical performance as a function of concentration on certain procedures instead of sheer volume of procedures**: For all four cardiovascular procedures and two out of four cancer resections, a surgeon’s degree of specialization was a significant predictor of operative mortality independent […]

SATSQ: Conservative wonk edition

Via Vox, an answer to stupid or evil: This revisionism, according to Roy, points to a much bigger conservative delusion: They cannot admit that their party’s voters are motivated far more by white identity politics than by conservative ideals. “Conservative intellectuals, and conservative politicians, have been in kind of a bubble,” Roy says. “We’ve had […]