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MPS on subsidies

I think Kevin Drum is getting something wrong on healthcare subsidies and the economy in a liquidity trap:  don’t have access to the full Goldman Sachs report, but I’m dubious about this for two reasons. First, Obamacare is roughly revenue neutral, which means federal subsidies are all paid for via tax revenue. Obamacare really shouldn’t […]

First inkling for 2015 rates — not bad at all

Insurance companies are starting to file their preliminary plans for 2015 with their state regulators.  This is a long and involved multi-iteration negoatiation involving network adequacy, plan design, fee structures, geographic scope and coffee, lots of coffee.  My company still has a few more weeks before our prelims need to get in, but Virginia has […]

And now that is a caveat

538 has probably the best caveat regarding the efficient market hypothesis in a discussion about the NFL draft: The efficient-market hypothesis states that — with certain caveats — markets are informationally efficient. Since any one investor theoretically operates with the same set of information as any other,2 the EMH claims that no individual can consistently […]

Are the co-ops too cheap

One of the minor little stories has been an interesting question as to whether or not the health insurance co-ops are too cheap.  Are they pricing too far below costs, or is their business model sufficiently different that they can price below competition while still covering their medical claims costs? Business Week outlines the question: […]

Hospitals and Halo effects

The Incidental Economist at Health Affairs Blog summarizes a few studies on why there is significant in-market hospital pricing variations: High-priced hospitals were not distinguishable from low-priced hospitals on most dimensions of quality… However, high-priced hospitals were much more likely to be nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report for ancer, cardiology, gynecology, or […]

Cause it’s science

We’ve been asked to participate in a research study on empathy and understanding …   Their Eyes are the Window to Your Soul:  Researchers Seek Participants in Online Study My name is Patrick Lown and my colleagues and I are conducting an online survey about people’s personal characteristics and beliefs, and how people are able to […]

Catastrophic price shocks in 2015

Premium shocks will occur next year for catastrophic plans. Wonk Blog explains why: The high-deductible plans, which aren’t eligible for subsidies, were only supposed to be available to people under 30 or people who were unable to afford other coverage. Then the controversy over canceled health plans erupted last fall, and the Obama administration said […]