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Time to make the donuts

The Donut Hole in Medicare Part D (the prescription drug benefit) is slowly going away.   Medicare Part D has four tiers of coverage. Here is the 2013 benefit design: Deductible phase where Medicare pays 0% (2013 $325) Basic coverage where Medicare pays 75% ($325.01 to $2,970) Donut hole where Medicare pays 2.5% ( $2,970.01 to […]

The rates are in

Health and Human Services has released the rates for the federally run Exchange marketplaces in 36 states.  They are really good: http://aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/2013/MarketplacePremiums/ib_marketplace_premiums.cfm Here are the big take-aways: $145 a month for the cheapest Bronze plan for a 27 year old making $25,000 a year is definately affordable Family coverage at either 2nd cheapest Silver or cheapest […]

No means No

Via Paul Krugman, a quick link and thought as I scramble elsewhere:   The red line is Medicaid spending over the past decade.  Everything else is increasingly rapidly, while Medicaid spending stayed flat.  And it stayed flat because Medicaid says no. Second thought from Time Magazine on Las Vegas hotel economic structures as an insight […]

Same old Song and Dance

The House Republican Study Committee is offering a “repeal and replace” plan for Obamacare. If we assume that this is purely a marketing document aimed to fulfill the check box that there is a “plan” to “replace” Obamacare that can get 218 votes in the House, then this document aces that evaluation. However, my therapist […]

Good News, Everybody

Good news, there is no need this year for the Independent Payment Advisory Board to meet. IPAB is an entity created by Obamacare that is designated to make payment reforms to Medicare to bring down the rate of Medicare spending inflation to the general rate of growth in the economy. Congress can overrule IPAB’s recommendations […]