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States, policy innovation and proofs of concept

Many states are proposing a series of experiments with their health care markets that are aimed at expanding coverage, increasing actuarial value, and limiting provider payments. Medicaid Buy-ins New Mexico Nevada Public Options with Medicare-like rates Colorado Washington State State based mandates New Jersey Massachusetts Vermont California Maryland Downpayment Plans Maryland Expanded Subsidies California   […]

Disclosing contextless factoids in Box 12-DD

The Affordable Care Act requires the disclosure of the cost of employer sponsored insurance (ESI) on employee’s W-2s.  This is reported in Box 12-DD.  It is a big number that is purely informational.  The theory of change is that people will see that big number and realize that health insurance is a substitute for cash […]

Market functionality in insurance types

Yesterday, Gin & Tonic rightly called me out for a big assumption: is extremely attractive assuming deep and well functioning individual markets Quite an assumption there.   I think that I have an understated assumption that the health insurance markets are far less functional of a market compared to most other insurance product markets unless […]

Expansion and elections

This happened yesterday: Medicaid expansion starts today for 400,000 more people in Virginia https://t.co/BNcwGi4fKQ — Hunter Winn🌹🌻🐬 (@RoyalSaddler) January 2, 2019 Next month, Maine will expand Medicaid as well with coverage being retroactive to last July. Elections matter for expansions. And right now our initial evidence is that an expansion is mostly a one way […]

Advantages of state based exchanges

Virginia’s governor is considering running a state based exchange for the Affordable Care Act. The Roanoke Times reports: The group also likes the idea of creating a state-operated insurance exchange, which the General Assembly initially supported and then abandoned in 2011 at the recommendation of Gov. Bob McDonnell… Several other states such as New Mexico […]