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Expanding the market region

The Petersen-Kaiser Family Foundation Health System tracker has a really interesting graphic on the average price paid for full knee replacements in metropolitan statistical areas in 2016 by large group insurers.  There is wild variation:   One of the first things I think about here is the possibility of regional trade. St. Louis is, on […]

Better or best

California will soon require new residential construction to have solar panels. This is provoked the usual sturm and drang on Twitter. Every expert that I’ve read has said that the solar panel idea is cost effective but sub-optimal. There are better choices to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in California than mandating residential solar. A professor […]

Drug pricing in multiple unlinked deals

Politico reports that the Trump Administration believes that foreign countries are not treating the US fairly as they negotiate lower drug prices than the US systems and now there will be an announced “or else”. President Donald Trump on Friday will unveil a sweeping strategy for lowering drug prices that aims to reshape Medicare, boost […]