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Sign up for Trumpcare

Tell your conservative neighbors about these awesome new free market plans that they can sign up. President Trump’s actions this year will make plans a lot cheaper and better for more Americans than the old no good Obamacare plans. Go Trumpcare. And don’t giggle too hard until December 16th. Open thread

Young Voters entering middle age

This is seriously—and frequently—overlooked. Turning 18 between now and 2020? All you realistically remember is Obama and the beginning of Trump. https://t.co/m0WBpxZJ37 — Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) November 8, 2017   I’m 37. I’m not quite a Generation X’er and I am definately not a Millenial. I bought my first cell phone my junior year of […]

The individual mandate and its effects

I was asked a couple of questions about the new Congressional Budget Office estimate of the impacts of repealing the individual mandate. I’ll walk through them as best I can: ■ Federal budget deficits would be reduced by about $338 billion between 2018 and 2027 (see Table 1). ■ The number of people with health […]

CBO, Medicaid and the Apothecary

Maine’s voters look like they are about to authorize a Medicaid expansion.   Medicaid expansion is turning into a rout. https://t.co/MmS3OiUJMM pic.twitter.com/xaAfb2DYDH — Portland PressHerald (@PressHerald) November 8, 2017   The Congressional Budget Office throughout 2017 analyzed Republican Repeal bills. They consistently estimated that several million people would have lost coverage by the end of […]

32…32….Maine and Medicaid

It looks like Maine will start the process to expand Medicaid. With 52% reporting, Maine is leaning TOWARDS expanding Medicaid under Obamacare pic.twitter.com/1yZU7jI2Li — Bob Bryan (@RobertBryan4) November 8, 2017 The implementation mechanics will be challenging. I would not expect the first enrollees until sometime in the late summer or early fall for an aggressive […]