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Age distribution of uninsurance

The New England Journal of Medicine has a pretty cool graph of how the uninsurance rate has changed by age and by year: #HealthPolicy Data Watch: Uninsured Rate by Age https://t.co/iEodXLvlx9 pic.twitter.com/897C4k9j1q — NEJM (@NEJM) October 12, 2016 What are some of the big drivers of this? 65+ is easy. People automatically qualify for either […]

North Carolina update

Just another update from North Carolina’s early voting from INSIGHT US: Democratic and non-affiliated voters are returning their ballots at a rate above 2012. Registered Republicans are not returning their ballots. Even if every incremental independent vote is actually a disgusted Republican vote, the lean GOP vote share for this phase is running 45% behind. […]

HPV and Paying for prevention

The Incidental Economist has some good news on the prevalence of HPV originated cancers in New Mexico after vaccination started: From 2007 to 2014, more than 20,000 lesions were diagnosed in females age 15-29 years old. After adjusting for changes in screening over time, they found that reductions in the incidence of all neoplasias over […]

Food Banks and Medicare Advantage

Just a couple of interesting articles in the New York Times over the past week or so. The first is a good write-up about the revamping of the US food bank logistics chain: A task force at Feeding America — which included Professor Prendergast, Ms. Morgan and others — adopted this approach. They embraced a […]

Popcorn and incentive structures

First as a teaser: Anti-Trump operative tells me 2 more big oppo hits coming. Says 1 is ~on par w/ 'p***y grab,' the other is worse. But no details. We'll see. — Guy Benson (@guypbenson) October 8, 2016 Secondly how in the world did the Republican establishment fuck up so badly? I have some odd […]