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Employer sponsored coverage notes

Just a few interesting things on the employer sponsored coverage (ESI) beat as that is where most people get their private market coverage. First Bruce Japsen passes along some good news on ESI premiums. In a new analysis, Mercer said per-employee health costs will rise 4% after companies make changes like raising worker deductibles or […]

You be the referee

Just a couple of thoughts as the season is ramping up. A) Under the new IFAB/FIFA rules, the restart for an offside violation is where the player in an offside position becomes involved in play. Previously the restart was where the second to last defender who creates the “offside zone” was when the ball was […]

APTC Hacks — strategically bad networks

A large number of providers in a network does not make a network good. Few providers and a handful of hospitals does not make a network bad. A good network has a sufficient number of providers in a wide variety specialties so that members can quickly get appropriate and high quality care at locations that […]

Good news everybody

America’s uninsured rate just dropped to a new low https://t.co/2N1QqziPGa pic.twitter.com/p2j3wKywO2 — Vox (@voxdotcom) September 7, 2016 Glass half empty: The ACA marketplaces face challenges. Glass half full: Uninsured rate at the lowest point ever. https://t.co/N3bIodFggf — Larry Levitt (@larry_levitt) September 7, 2016 One of the fundamental aims of the ACA is being met — […]

Double D’s and Subsidies

I always like to look at the 12-DD box on my W-2. friendly reminder: 100% of the employer sponsored market is subsidized, and has mostly higher premiums https://t.co/eQ4MgLdMFX — Seth Trueger (@MDaware) September 6, 2016 This box tells me how much my employer sponsored insurance (ESI) actually costs between premiums and Health Savings Account (HSA) […]