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Changing Minimum premiums in California

The least expensive premium (net of any applicable subsidy) determines the size and health status of the individual market ACA risk pool.  We assume that the marginal buyer is flipping a coin as to whether or not they want to buy insurance.  These buyers tend to be healthy and price sensitive.  The point of the […]

Lower prices are bad??? California ACA edition

Covered California, California’s state based marketplace for the ACA individual market, released their initial rate projections for 2020.   The headline is good news: California’s Initiatives Will Lead to Hundreds of Thousands Gaining Health Care Coverage With Lower Premiums and New Financial Help And the chart is interesting. The headline version is that the most commonly […]

Kidney disease executive order

The White House is expected to release a new executive order on chronic kidney disease treatment priorities, rules and payment experiments this afternoon.  This is outside of my area of expertise, but so far, the pre-reporting indicates that this looks to be both a big deal and good news. I will let Dylan Matthews at […]

Friction and birth control

JAMA Internal Medicine** just published a new study on the frictional effects of quarterly versus annual hormonal birth control prescriptions: FINDINGS: In this economic decision model built from the Veterans Affairs health system payer perspective using a cohort of 24 309 women, adoption of a 12-month dispensing option for oral contraceptive pills is expected to produce […]

The ACA is in court again today

This afternoon, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will be hearing oral arguments as to whether or not the ACA is unconstitutional.  The case is Texas vs. Azar.  The plaintiff states have argued and won in district court that the ACA is unconstitutional because the individual mandate penalty has been lowered to zero and therefore […]