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The dog that has not barked

Charles Gaba is projecting that the average, population weighed rate hike for the individual market for 2019 to be 3.3%. This is due to a lot of variables: Price Hikers No Individual Mandate Short Term Plans Association Health Plans Normal medical expense trend Price Cutters 2018 rates are way too high (this is a 5th […]

Rosenstein Update #2

from Pete Williams just now on @MSNBC: "all indications are that Rod Rosenstein is still deputy Attorney General" — John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) September 24, 2018 and John subtweets the entire country: Me: I need to cancel this appt. today Receptionist: Would you like to reschedule Me: my entire life is a garbage fire right now, […]


Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired, per @jonathanvswanhttps://t.co/A4z25nLl3d — Sam Baker (@sam_baker) September 24, 2018 UPDATE A source close to Rosenstein disputes the Axios report that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned, @LauraAJarrett reports. The source says that Rosenstein expects he is being fired. […]

Class notes on CSR strangeness

I was asked by Professor Richman to talk to a bunch of law students this evening about healthcare. They are part of a colloquium where some of the leading minds on health policy and law are flown in and talk. A few weeks ago, it was Nick Bagley, next week, Tim Jost is supposed to […]

Midyear switches

Mike S in comments earlier this week raises a very important decision problem: Halfway through next year I’ll make the switch to Medicare (I’ve already started to recieve the informational mailings from insurers) so I’m not sure what the best deal will be at all. This is a damn good problem that my mother had […]

Cream skimming, life insurance and wellness programs

John Hancock, a life insurer, is changing their business strategy per this Reuters article: John Hancock, one of the oldest and largest North American life insurers, will stop underwriting traditional life insurance and instead sell only interactive policies that track fitness and health data through wearable devices and smartphones, the company said on Wednesday…. Policyholders […]

Pricing insurance for vampires and regular people

“Premiums are going up 3% next year…” “Rate increases are projected to be 7% higher….” “Maryland expects premiums to drop…” Those are common headlines for ACA plans.  Those will be even more common headlines in the next couple of weeks as states finalize rates and insurers sign their 2019 Exchange contracts.  These headlines try to […]