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Good news

NEWS – No AHCA vote today, per GOP source. Still possible tomorrow — John Bresnahan (@BresPolitico) March 23, 2017 Right now the whip counts are going in the right direction. New York Times is up to 31 Republican No’s. I am reluctant to have too much faith in that number as a good number are […]

Health Policy notes

Just a few points as everyone should be calling their House representatives right now. First, Kaiser Family Foundation is looking at the implied deductibles of the AHCA compared to the ACA: Deductibles would likely rise 61% under the GOP health care plan. New post from @DrewAltman on @axios w/ KFF #'s https://t.co/T0uki9bOAZ pic.twitter.com/Y37yAfFxDD — Cynthia […]

EHB and cost spreading

Milliman has a good paper on the actuarial impacts of Essential Health Benefits(EHB) with actual pricing attached to some of the benefits. Every health plan in 2017 that is offered on Healthcare.gov pays at least 89% of their claims dollars for EHB. The overwhelming majority pay more than 99% of their claims dollars to EHB. […]