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Economic leverage

Josh Marshall makes a very good point this morning about Trump’s toxicity: Every president has these industry councils like the ones we’ve been talking about in recent days. They range from meaningless to not terribly important. They’re mainly symbolic. With everything that’s happened in recent days, I don’t want to make it out like the […]

CSR funding and the next best option

Andrew Sprung at Xpostfactoid has pushed back on my argument that Democrats have the advantage of inertia on the CSR funding argument. He raises an excellent point. 1. Cost. CBO projects premium increases of 20% right off the bat in 2018 and 25% by 2020. Higher premiums mean more people qualify for subsidies, and those […]

The limits of subsidies

NBER has a fascinating new working paper out by Amy Finkelstein, Nathaniel Hendron and Mark Shepherd. They look at the discontinuities in the Massachusetts Health Connector data to estimate willingness to pay for health insurance on the individual market. As subsidies decline, insurance take-up falls rapidly, dropping about 25% for each $40 increase in monthly […]

The CBO and Super Silver Gapping

Kevin Drum asked for a blog post instead of a tweet storm regarding my argument that over the long run not paying the Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies is a massive liberal policy win. So here it goes. Under current law, there are two sets of subsidies. The first is Premium Tax Credits. These apply […]