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Revisiting the three legged stool

Paul Krugman has used the three legged stool analogy to describe the ACA several times.  It is an analogy that is vivid in its description and useful in its implications: Yes! The Court (minus the three stooges) understood that the ACA is designed to work via the “three-legged stool” of guaranteed issue and community rating, […]

An open letter to insurance commissioners regarding baseline maximization

To any Insurance Commissioner: This is an open letter to insurance commissioners who believe it is their legal and moral duty to protect the citizens of their state in the face of increasing policy uncertainty.  I strongly urge that the following actuarial guidance be sent to all carriers that are considering submitting rates for the […]

What’s going on in Kansas

Some very interesting news in Kansas that I don’t know how to interpret:   Per @emma_sandoe, Kansas’ House just voted 85-40 in favor of expanding Medicaid. — Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) February 22, 2017 The argument that is being advanced is that even at a 90% Federal match, there is a Medicaid expansion package that will […]

Arrow’s healthcare primer

Kenneth Arrow passed yesterday.  He was my second favorite economist who made their bones in the 50s and 60s.  Much like Herb Simon (my favorite) he makes my head hurt whenever I try to think hard about what he is saying in whatever field he is commenting on and thus leading it in a new, […]

A response to AER re evaluating by Excel

I recently read an interesting but I think incomplete and less than pragmatic paper in the American Economic Review by Fang and Gong. In that paper they use Medicare Part B claims data to advance what they argue is a good first pass claims fraud detection methodology. They seek to identify individual National Provider Identification […]