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Kansas Medicaid expansion moves forward

Medicaid Expansion took another step forward in Kansas. BREAKING: Kansas House gives first-round approval to Medicaid expansion in a 70-54 vote (story will be updated)https://t.co/vPpvWpD84H #ksleg — Jonathan Shorman (@jonshorman) March 20, 2019 We know from 2017 that the Kansas House and Senate had a working majority to pass Medicaid Expansion. Then Governor Brownback (R) […]

Statewide monopolies on Healthcare.gov

Monopolies are usually a bad thing.  They lead to higher prices.  They lead to poor service.  They lead to rent extraction to pay for hookers snorting the finest blow.  All of that is true.  But given price linked subsidies for the 100% to 400% Federal Poverty Level, monopoly insurers have the ability to choose the […]

Monopoly insurer strategies in 2019

In 2019, 1,058 counties had only a single insurer on Healthcare.gov. 1,056 of those counties had the insurer offer at least one Silver and one non-Silver plan. I am curious about what we can figure out about the monopoly insurer strategies. I’ve contended for years that a monopolistic insurer can effectively choose their enrollee pool […]