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Keeping patients in the bucket

The Boston Globe reports on a hospital system in Boston accused of steering patients to stay within the corporate boundaries even when the patients’ doctor(s) tried to send them elsewhere: A whistle-blower lawsuit filed against Steward Health Care exposes a part of medicine largely hidden from patients: the behind-the-scenes pressure health care companies put on […]

Bottom feeders, underwritten plans and quality

This is a reminder, not all underwritten plans are junk plans.   cc: @bjdickmayhew @xpostfactoid @LouiseNorris @joshschultzdc @wcsanders Worth noting: CBO is kind of backing off from their December 2016 “Junk plans won’t be counted!” warning; they’re figuring 3/4 of #ShortAssPlans would be more like Grandfathered/Transitional? https://t.co/g35QCnGvgE — Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba) May 23, 2018 The […]

Where the money flows

JAMA in 2016 published a great article that traced who received care and for what categories of need. ** I just love this visualization.  I think this is my second favorite health policy visualization behind the bottom 50% of spenders drive 3% of costs curve. DUBE indicates diabetes, urogenital, blood, and endocrine diseases. So what […]

Auto-enrollment thoughts

From Alain – I had to clone David’s original post because it’s borked for some reason. Please use this one instead as commenting in the other post was nonfunctional for most.   Over at Health Affairs, I have a piece that riffs on a series of posts that sketched out what an auto-enrollment process could […]