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Cost concentration and the challenge of the subsidized insurance model

Researchers at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality updated the the spending distribution graph by population percentile using 2015 data. The findings are always important even though the general thrust is the same from previous updates. Most people barely touch the healthcare system: 95% of the studied population uses less than the mean healthcare […]

Where are dem votes

Collins says she needs CSRs/reinsurance to vote for tax bill. Meadows says most of the HFC would vote against spending bill including CSRs. https://t.co/5shnWesEFK — Caitlin Owens (@caitlinnowens) December 13, 2017 I am not a mathematician. However, on most days I can count to at least eleven with my shoes on. ‘ Where are the […]

BHP, 1332s and FMAP maximization strategies

Most state budgets are insensitive to where the Benchmark Silver premium is located. Politicians may prefer either a low overall premium if they are primarily concerned with the well being of non-subsidized buyers, or they may be more interested in a large spread between the Benchmark Silver and less expensive options if they are primarily […]

PCPs are not a panacea

There is a good story to tell about using more primary care providers (PCPs). They are fairly low cost providers who can provide a lot of touches to patients with chronic conditions. These frequent, low cost touches should allow chronic conditions to be managed more effectively. The relationship and trust built will lead patients to […]