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Right now, as I am looking at the initial rate filings (compiled by KFF and Charles Gaba), I feel like I am back into my CSR thought process of last summer. I am seeing a very different universe than the political class. Last summer, I was arguing that if CSR was terminated, the incentives would […]

Not the least that can be done

The Senate has had a busy day. First, Senators Scott (R-SC) and Rubio (R-FL) temporarily allied with a unified Democratic caucus to assemble a minimum blocking coalition to a nominee for a lifetime appointment on the 9th Circuit Court: JUST NOW: On the Senate floor, McConnell withdrew Ryan Bounds judicial nomination from the floor vote […]

Risk adjustment update

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) received an interim final rule from Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding the retrospective justification of the risk adjustment process in the ACA:   https://t.co/UkOPSjZt5D pic.twitter.com/eTcYwTVTwK — Adrianna McIntyre (@onceuponA) July 19, 2018   This is good news. I have not been too worried about the risk adjustment […]

The never-ending story (CSR version)

Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) litigation is the story that will never end. Update: The court has instead opted to dismiss the case; but states can bring action again if circumstances change i.e. Admin blocks silver-loading in 2020 and beyond. IHP story TK @nicholas_bagley @charles_gaba taking comments ! https://t.co/cPHJlmehsH — Amy Lotven (@amylotven) July 18, 2018 […]

Silver Gapping in 2019

As I wrote earlier this week, Democrats should not expect significant political help from ACA rate increases this fall. Insurers seem to have overpriced their 2018 rates and that is eating a lot of the rate increases we would have expected from the new policy changes of no individual mandate, proliferation of 364 day underwritten […]

And now for some good news

Idaho is putting Medicaid Expansion on the ballot this fall:   Congratulations! #medicaid expansion will be on the #idaho ballot in November! Regular Idahoans put in countless hours of work talking to their friends and neighbors to make this happen, gathering so many signatures we blew state req.s out of the water! pic.twitter.com/lRTlpzwbtj — Idahoans […]

Deductibles and distribution

The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Peterson Center on Healthcare tracks cost sharing and premiums for employer sponsored insurance (ESI).   I am using their Table 1 data to look at the distributional consequences of benefit design changes. The blue line is the actuarial value.  It has hovered at about 85% over the decade of data.  […]