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Some Football (Soccer) Notes and Open Soccer Thread

Apologies for my absence the past two weeks. I was guest lecturing for English classes out of town at some of the public schools as a native language speaker. It’s a great program and has been a rewarding experience talking about such things as the National Park System, pulled pork, boiled crawfish, Johnny Cash, Langston […]

Football (Soccer) Notes and Open Thread

Any thoughts on Bob Bradley becoming the first American to manage a team in the English Premier League? Certainly no love lost between him and Jürgen Klinsmann. I think he’s got a point. Aaron Ramsey can’t catch a break. Is Tite finally the coach the Brazil Men’s National Team Needs? It’s beginning to look that […]

Football (aka Soccer) Notes and Open Thread

Apologies for my absence last week. Here goes! Does anyone know if Sam Allardyce holds the record for shortest tenure as a coach for a national team? Chelsea stopped the bleeding yesterday, but is it enough? Manchester United seemed like they may have started to turn things around, but the Stoke game wasn’t exactly convincing. […]

Football Notes September 17th

Before I start, let me first address those of you – and there were a few of you last week – who feel compelled to post comments criticizing the existence of posts about football – and I hasten to point out that it has been called football much longer than gridiron football. I have been […]

Football Notes Open Thread

So the transfer season is over until January. Which teams do you think came out ahead? Christian Pulisic: is he the real deal? Discuss. I’m watching the Manchester Derby. As an Arsenal fan I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I do like to José Mourinho get his knickers in a twist. Grow […]