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A Site to Visit

Whatever else he is (secret Muslim, socialist, hater of America and Real Americans), Obama is arguably the first, and certainly the second (after Carter) technocrat President. Technocrats tend to appoint other technocrats to technology positions, instead of making those spots political rewards for clueless insiders. Nowhere is that more obvious than the FCC, which is […]

First Thing We Do

I’d missed yesterday’s Times piece on Lehman, but it’s worth mentioning that US corporate lawyers come off looking pretty good: Here, the investment bank used repos to temporarily park assets off its books to make its end-of-quarter debt levels look better than they did — while calling them sales instead of loans. The accounting tactic, […]

Brooks Would Be a Lousy Whip

On NPR’s All Things Considered, David Brooks was discussing how Nancy Pelosi would convince House members to vote for HCR. He said she would say something like, “Well, you’re going to lose your seat over this, but for the good of the country, you need to make this vote.” Horseshit. Pelosi would say the opposite: […]