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A Simple Message

Think about some common parental fears: My child will be gay and/or want to marry someone of a different race. My child will get pregnant, or make someone pregnant, and an abortion will be needed. My child will have a childhood illness like Juvenile Diabetes or Epilepsy, or have a traumatic injury, that they will […]

Drama Round-Up

McMegan: What I hope is that the Democrats take a beating at the ballot box and rethink their contempt for those mouth-breathing illiterates in the electorate. FDL: So, I guess this is a great day for patriotism, or centrism, or capitalism, or corporatism, or fascism, or socialism, or Marxism, or fanaticism, or fatalism, or perhaps […]

One’s On the Way

If you’re a House junkie, which I must admit shamefully that I am, seeing your favorite drama queens on the House floor, and watching them all jockey for a few more minutes on the Tee Vee outside the chamber, is part of the fun of today’s proceedings. Though there’s a lot of competition for this […]


For those of you biting your nails or popping popcorn, here’s the Daily Whipline [pdf], the House Majority Whip’s report on what’s going to happen on the House Floor today. Summary: House convenes at 1 PM with the usual bullshit (prayers and some spouting off.) An hour of debate, and then a vote, on the […]