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Should This Be Surprising?

Blanche Lincoln’s proposal to trade derivatives on a public exchange is being called a “surprise” and “contrary to most expectations”. I can’t see why it’s surprising that a Senator from a rural, poor state, who happens to be in the re-election fight of her life, would want to stick it to bankers and fat-cats. Hating […]

All Else Being Equal, Blue Stays Blue

Via the comments, some good news: Last night, a Democrat won big in the special election in Florida’s 19th district. More good news: Yesterday, George Pataki became the latest in a long string of Republicans to duck a run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, even though seemingly every challenger characterizes her as “weak, spineless and out […]


For the past couple of weeks, Mexico has been threatening to cut off over 24 million cell phone users, and it looks like it might actually happen (or is happening). Last year, the Mexican Congress passed a law mandating that every cell phone user had to register their phone, using the Mexican equivalent of a […]

Hopey But Not Changey

Here’s a good McClatchy story on the recent Republican Leadership Conference meeting in New Orleans: GOP hopes to go from Party of No to Party of Choice How’s that hopey-changey thing working out? GOP warns Obama Supreme Court filibuster possible Another GOP senator blocks extension of jobless benefits Kansas GOP lawmakers may force state to […]

I Pity Anyone Who Isn’t Them Tonight

At the Pulitzer site, the page on the commentary prize explains a hell of a lot about our current media culture. For example, “witty” seems to be Pulitizer-code for conservative. Like Kathleen Parker (“perceptive, often witty”), Krauthammer’s ’87 prize called him “witty and insightful”. I think Parker’s alright, but how perceptive is it to file […]