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Steering the Titanic With a Canoe Paddle

This week’s This American Life is devoted to the closing of NUMMI, an auto plant that was a joint venture between Toyota and GM. It’s both touching and infuriating. The story of how the worst plant in GM was transformed by Toyota’s methods is an affecting tale of human redemption. “Old, fat” UAW members, accustomed […]

Meep My Ass

I’ve about had it with the constant “meep meep” references at Sully’s blog. Recall the basic RoadRunner plotline — it’s not that sophisticated: He’s a jack-off. All he wants to do is “run down the road all day”. Perhaps, on rare occasions, he might “leave you in a heap”, but generally he “never bothers anyone”. […]

Brave Sir Robin

Corker, Cornyn and Mark Kirk are running away from repealing healthcare reform. Cornyn yesterday: Asked if he advises Republican Senate candidates to call for repealing the law, Cornyn said: “Candidates are going to test the winds in their own states. … In some places, the health care bill is more popular than others.” Cornyn March […]