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Some commenters in the last post wondered where I came from.  Others asked to have me kicked out.  I guess that’s the Balloon Juice community’s way to ask for an introduction. So, hi, I’m mistermix. I’m a friend of DougJ’s IRL, as the kids say.  When he pastes a rant “from a friend” into one […]

Some Non-Whining

Looks like we need an open thread.  Here’s something you might want to consider: Publishers can do whatever they want. If you don’t like it, don’t send them nasty emails or browse their sites with ad-blockers: just don’t support them. Don’t read their content, don’t link to them, and don’t talk about them. Since money’s […]

The Almighty Pageview

Here’s a simple question: When was the last time you clicked on, or even were influenced by, a web site advertisement? Here’s another one: Without looking, what products are being advertised on Balloon-Juice today? I’ll bet both of those questions are hard to answer. Politico justifies its existence by the number of pageviews it gets […]