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Three Hundred Sixty Five Degrees

I thought I’d check in with David Frum since he opined yesterday that Obama’s bad negotiation skills are at least partially to blame for our current debt vote crisis. Today, he has two posts that make this basic point: If you’re a Republican elected official, you want two things from the debt-ceiling budget talks: 1) […]


Mike J sends this piece from the Guardian, detailing the way the UK government worked with the nuclear industry to reassure citizens that nuclear power is safe in the wake of Fukushima. Also in the Guardian: Japanese children from the Fukushima area have radioactive isotopes of cesium in their urine. Meanwhile, back home, the media […]

Sample of One

I’ve posted about my proud Hispanic, former Goldwater Republican mother before. I always assumed that the recent brown hate bothered her, but I learned the depth of her animosity last night. It started with her pulling out this George Will column: The Republican future without Hispanic support would be bleak. Forty-seven percent of Americans under […]