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This is the best piece I’ve read about impeachment lately – read the whole thing. For a long time, I was on the fence about impeachment. A couple of things that swayed me are mentioned in the article linked above. First, left to his own devices, Trump will drive the media narrative and suck up […]

Keeping the Shit at Shoe Level

If we’re still talking about abortion, here’s a dispatch from my current heartland location, where “Abortion Kills a Beating Heart” and “It’s a Child Not a Choice” billboards herald your arrival to a lot of little towns. The South Dakota legislature has at least one anti-abortion bill on their to-do list every year. This year, […]

High on His Own Supply

This Joe Lockhart op-ed was published in the Times (of course) a couple of weeks ago, but I only saw it yesterday as part of Dahlia Lithwick’s excellent piece about impeachment. Here’s Lockhart’s main argument against impeachment: Allowing Mr. Trump to lead the Republican Party, filled with sycophants and weak-willed leaders, into the next election […]


I haven’t been posting because I’m in the heartland, taking care of my elderly parents. And, as we all know from the Times, we don’t do anything here except vote for a bigot for President every four years. Today I was fetching the newspaper (yes, on real paper, old people still read it that way), […]

If I Could Talk to the Animals

Atrios has a good post about the effort to talk (down) to Trump voters: My whole time “in” politics centrist goobers have been talking about cracking the code to speak in the mysterious languages spoken by people not in their social circles. The Real American has taken various forms in this popular conception, though I […]