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There was a lot of coverage of Pelosi’s comments on impeachment a few days ago, and if you read the quotes by Nadler and Schiff in this piece, they sure aren’t ruling it out. I’ve not been too hot on impeachment either, since there’s almost no chance that the Senate would convict and, unlike Nixon, […]


The conservative site “63red” created a safe space app that allows MAGAts to find places where they can wear their red caps without being called names. You know, what they make fun of liberals for doing. Anyway, predictably, the guy who created it (Wallace) fucked it up from bean to cup: Wallace had left his […]

Can’t Put a Shine on a Turd

Bill Shine, Roger Ailes’ former toady at Fox who moved to the White House to run Trump’s communications, is out. Shine becomes the latest in a long run of top communications officials to depart the Trump White House. His predecessors included Hope Hicks, Anthony Scaramucci and Michael Dubke, as well as Sean Spicer, who initially […]

Manafort Gets the White Male Sentence

One month less than 4 years, when sentencing guidelines are 24 years. “He’s lived an otherwise blameless life,” Ellis said. The judged noted Manafort has no past criminal history and “earned the admiration of a number of people” who wrote letters to the court support Manafort. Getting millions of dollars for helping dictators: “blameless”. Selling […]