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Ailes is Out

It’s hard out there for a pimp: Rupert Murdoch, chairman of Fox’s parent company 21st Century Fox, cut short a vacation on the French Riviera with his wife Jerry Hall to return to New York and finalise the departure of his long-term ally. He will assume the role of chairman and acting CEO of Fox […]

Amateur Hour

It’s a little more than 4 months before the election, and Trump’s campaign is learning how to send email: Since members of the British Parliament have complained about receiving several fundraising emails from Donald Trump, politicians in several other foreign countries have revealed that they’ve also been flooded with email requests for donations from Trump. […]

Bad Interdisciplinary Journal Articles

For some reason I woke up imagining the worst articles that could come from an effort to mix the Internet with a mediocre English department.  Here are a couple: Because I could not stop for Snapchat – Imagining Dickinson in the Social Media Milieu #YourBlueEyedBoy – Cummings as Meme Do you have any?  Open thread.

Two Ledes

I’m about half past give-a-shit on Bernie v. Hillary, because as the X-ray clearly shows, this thing was broken long ago.  Anything Bernie says now is not going to amount to much.  If you want some evidence, look no further than the lede of a Guardian story titled Bernie Sanders: I will work with Hillary Clinton to […]

At Some Point You Stop Pooping Yourself

Watching the daily Trump meltdowns, each worse than the last, reminds me of watching a late toilet trainer.  You know the kid – he or she is the one who suddenly disappears into the corner to cop a squat, usually accompanied by a devilish look.  The kid knows damn well that it’s far more comfortable […]

Let the Beating Commence

If you’re looking for a reason why Democrats are going to unite, Jim Newell’s is as good as any, and better than most: The best way to stop Donald Trump is to hit him and hit him and hit him to the point that it seems like cruel overkill, and then hit him some more, and then, […]

Even the Liberal Matt Yglesias

Here’s centrist-curious Matt Yglesias, apparently hoping to get “typical liberals” to puke up their locally-sourced, gluten-free, vegan granola into their hemp totebags: [The argument that Trump is too dangerous to be President] is the best argument to use if Clinton wants to persuade right-of-center voters to cross the aisle and vote for her, stay home, […]