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War On Coal!

In a normal year, the media consensus would be that Kaine lost the debate because he wasn’t polite and deferential like a good Democrat should be to his Republican better. In the year of the Trump, Pence will be considered the loser because there will be thousands of tweets, Facebook memes and media stories juxtaposing […]


Moderator: Would you tell a child to aspire to be like Donald Trump? Kelly Ayotte: Absolutely And then this sweet, sweet ad was born. Maggie Hassan is one of our candidates in our Balloon Juice “winnables”. Give her some money to put this ad on the air.

The Worst – the Absolute Worst

Mario’s kid: NEWARK — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York agreed to falsely explain the mysterious lane closings at the George Washington Bridge in 2013 as a traffic study to try to “put an end to” the growing scandal, the admitted culprit behind the scheme testified in […]

Bring on the Crazy

Steve M has a post titled FOR THE REST OF THIS CAMPAIGN, TRUMP’S MENTAL STATE WILL MATTER MUCH MORE THAN HIS TAXES which is worth reading in full. While I think the tax story is important and should be covered in loving detail, a couple of things are pretty clear about Trump: he’s immune to […]

Portrait of a Winnable

Not every 2010 redistricting was a win for Republicans. One of our winnable districts, CO-6, is a great example. The sixth is Tom Tancredo’s old seat, and that racist windbag was able to rack up 60/40 wins until he retired in 2008 so he could fail, badly, at running for President. But the 2010 redistricting […]

ActBlue “Winnables”

It’s pretty clear that nine of ten words in media coverage of this election will be about Trump, and the 10th will be about how Hillary was mean to him. This means that Congressional races, which are all but ignored in a normal election year, are getting even less attention. So we asked an expert, […]