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So-Called Judge

The countertop inspection on the judge who blocked Trump’s immigration order is going to be brutal: “I will now step back from my very precise legal practice and give you the following observation — from me,” he said. He spoke of the police — training and accountability and leadership: “The men and women who go […]


After a #deleteuber campaign, which was a reaction to the (odious) founder Travis Kalanick’s appointment to Trump’s economic advisory council, Kalanick has resigned from the council. Apparently that bit of hashtag activism worked. Update: As pointed out by multiple commenters, another reason for #deleteuber was Uber’s decision to institute surge pricing during a taxi driver […]

Let’s Look at a District

In my post this morning, I mentioned NY-29 (now NY-23) which was a R+5 district won by a Democrat in 2008. After redistricting, this district basically became NY-23, which is a R+3 district, after blue Ithaca was rolled in. Let’s look at fundraising and results in one graph: As you can see, the only Democratic […]

How to Really Scare a Republican Congressional Coward

If you’re a Republican Cowardly Lion Member of Congress, you aren’t scared of Democrats. Protests are a nuisance, but you have to be betting that Trump will do all his dirty work quickly, and once that’s done, the protests will stop. By the time 2018 rolls around, you’re counting on the usual apathy of off-year […]

Money Felt That Last One

And money is pissed: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has issued a memo to Google staff members currently overseas, ordering them to return to the US immediately if affected by an executive order from President Donald Trump that banned travel from seven majority-Muslim countries. Bloomberg Technology obtained a copy of the memo, in which Pichai commented […]

There’s Some Shit You Won’t Eat

Trump is used to getting people to take his money (or, more accurately, the promise of his money), eat his shit, and pretend to like it. That strategy doesn’t work so well for people who don’t owe you anything. Two examples from the last couple of hours: The entire State Department senior leadership team resigned […]