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So Soon?

But what about Devin Nunes’ memo? The Trump administration on Thursday imposed fresh financial sanctions on Russian government hackers and spy agencies to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 presidential election, and for a cyberattack against Ukraine and other countries last year that officials have characterized as “the most destructive and costly” in history. […]

When Nuts Comes to Town

The speech where Trump made the comment about lying to Justin Trudeau was in support of Josh Hawley, who’s running against Claire McCaskill: The president was in Missouri to raise money for Josh Hawley, who is taking on incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in November’s election. He called McCaskill “bad for Missouri and bad for […]

Trump’s Next Steps

On the heels of the Kudlow news, I wonder if someone can get Trump to switch from cable to Netflix so he can branch out from his self-imposed 90’s cable prison. For example, he’d probably think that Jessica Jones would make a great FBI director, and he might also make Paul Ryan fuck a pig […]

Nobody Likes Paul

Paul Ryan’s fan club is limited to a couple hundred DC reporters. Outside the beltway, he’s political poison, so Conor Lamb ran against him, hard. This ad is great: Paul Ryan likes to talk about "entitlement reform." Well Mr. Speaker, people are entitled to Social Security & Medicare — they paid for it, worked hard […]

Adios Low Energy Rex

Trump just canned Tillerson and will move CIA director Mike Pompeo into the Secretary of State job. Gina Hapsel, a career CIA employee who once ran a black site prison will be the new CIA director. I wonder if Pompeo thinks that the Russians had anything to do with Russian nerve agent poisoning a former […]