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Worse Than a 70’s TV Show

Here’s an explainer on the Emergency! Trump wants to declare: Trump says he may “declare” a national emergency, which he has the power to do under the National Emergencies Act of 1976. But that same law allows the House of Representatives to pass a resolution terminating Trump’s declaration immediately. Such a resolution would be referred to […]

Shit’s About to Get Real

I wonder how the Fox News watching Trumpers will feel when the TSA goes on strike.  Agents in large cities (New York, Seattle) are already not showing up or talking about quitting.  Do you think the precious wall will be as important when these guys start missing flights? It’s one thing to cancel a family […]

St Nicholas Day Massacre

I saw this riding to work yesterday – it looks like the aftermath of a firefight that went badly for the Santa faction of the War on Christmas.  Speaking of that war, as far as I could tell, Christmas is still winning.  The non-stop Christmas music started before the Thanksgiving turkey was even digested, garish […]


Today’s young female recipient of right-wing finger-wagging is Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-15), who told some constituents that “we’re going to impeach the motherfucker”. Which, of course, is a swear and only white men can mutter that under their breath or in private, preferably with a cigar and scotch in hand. Anyway, Pelosi’s response is exactly right: […]

Things That Amuse Me

Have any of you been reading Jennifer Rubin’s latest columns? They read like DNC press releases mixed in with missives from the Romney campaign. I really don’t understand the mentality of being a total hack in general, and being a hack like Rubin in particular. Is her uncharacteristic praise of Pelosi because she thinks it […]

The 90’s Are Over

There was some discussion of PAYGO and its controversial presence in the Democrat’s rules package in yesterday’s comments, so I thought you might be interested in Jim Newell’s latest: With all but one Republican expected to vote against the rules package, Democrats can afford only 19 defections on the floor. Khanna and Ocasio-Cortez’s opposition seemed to signal a potential […]