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The United Incident

So, as it happens, I’m delayed (with thousands of others) by bad weather at the scene of yesterday’s United Airlines crime against a human, O’Hare Airport. Without exaggeration, I can say that it is the talk of this place — I’ve overheard dozens of conversations about it as I walked around killing time. Patrick Smith, […]

Carried in the Arms of Cheerleaders

Steve M: …[I]f someone in the press whose job it is to be neutral or skeptical suddenly turns into a cheerleader when bombs are dropping, that figure is almost certainly going to be a man. (See Chris Matthews on “Mission Accomplished” day.) I think, in part, this is because journalists aren’t the jocks, going back […]

The Invisible Fist

Yesterday, we had a storm in Rochester with 81 MPH gusts. Since our power grid is shit (lots of wires above ground, lots of trees), about 100,000 of the 300,000 or so households here lost power. Our local utility is working hard, but it will be 10 degrees tomorrow night and probably 25-50K households won’t […]

Get Your ChaffetzPhone® Now

One of the classic bullshit Obama-branding exercises was calling the cell phones that had been available to low income households for years “Obamaphones”. Certainly this was part of what human cock sleeve Jason Chaffetz was referencing with his comments about someone (poor? blah? brown? – you pick) getting healthcare rather than a new iPhone. Almost […]

Trumpcare / Republicare and the Olds

Way back in 2005, when most of us were barely born, Republicans re-learned one of the basic rules of US American politics: don’t fuck with the olds. For those of you who haven’t taken a “History of the 2000’s” class recently, here’s a refresher about Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security: Having invested so much […]