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Portrait of a Winnable

Not every 2010 redistricting was a win for Republicans. One of our winnable districts, CO-6, is a great example. The sixth is Tom Tancredo’s old seat, and that racist windbag was able to rack up 60/40 wins until he retired in 2008 so he could fail, badly, at running for President. But the 2010 redistricting […]

ActBlue “Winnables”

It’s pretty clear that nine of ten words in media coverage of this election will be about Trump, and the 10th will be about how Hillary was mean to him. This means that Congressional races, which are all but ignored in a normal election year, are getting even less attention. So we asked an expert, […]

Bang Your Head

We have bees under the slab of our front porch. A few days ago, I sprayed some foam into the hole where they were congregating. That stuff expands and fills with a vengeance–there are now no bees living under my front porch, since their entry hole and the crevice behind it is now a solid […]

Horse Cock Carl Checks In

Carl Paladino is Trump’s New York co-chair. During his run for governor against Andrew Cuomo (who crushed him), Carl’s habit of sending emails containing bestiality and crude racism [NSFW/NSFL Link] earned him the nickname that headlines this post. Today, Carl went on the radio and shat himself in the following manner: “We’ve got an un-indicted […]

Louder than Bombs

Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) "the founder" of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON'T GET SARCASM? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 12, 2016 This little dust-up has been putting along on a predictable schedule–let’s call it the Khan calendar. Day 1 (Wednesday): say something stupid and offensive. […]

Pissed That One Down His Leg

Here’s a little break from the Trumpster fire. Tim Huelskamp represented KS-01, a R+22 rural district in Kansas. Unfortunately for Tim, he walked the walk instead of just talking the talk: Since entering Congress on the tea party wave of 2010, Huelskamp proudly took on the mantle of the far right in Congress. But his […]