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If I Could Talk to the Animals

A lot of “how to convince Trump voters that Trump is bad” pieces have a real Rex-Harrison-as-Dr-Dolittle flavor to them, and make about as much sense as speaking kanga to a kangaroo.  I don’t have time to waste on reasons why people who don’t listen to reasons why will all of a sudden listen to […]

What Erik Loomis Said

Every single fucking word, especially this: Here’s the thing: If you think Hillary Clinton is a horrible person who is the enemy of the Democratic Party, you are the problem. If you think Bernie Sanders is a horrible person who is the enemy of the Democratic Party, you are also the problem. Quit being part […]

Montana is Winnable

Montana will probably have a special election if (not a big if) the Senate confirms current officeholder Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior. This is a winnable seat, and if not winnable, it can be a non-embarrassment. Trump destroyed Hillary in Montana in 2016 but McCain won by a mere two points in 2008. […]


Jim Newell has an omnibus piece on how the Democratic Party is going to be adapting its messaging and the DNC to respond to the groundswell of demonstrations and activism that have been sweeping the country: It is much easier to harness energy than it is to be tasked with mustering energy where there is […]

So-Called Judge

The countertop inspection on the judge who blocked Trump’s immigration order is going to be brutal: “I will now step back from my very precise legal practice and give you the following observation — from me,” he said. He spoke of the police — training and accountability and leadership: “The men and women who go […]