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Ain’t No Such Thing as a Beautiful Loser

Here’s my latest thinking on Democratic strategy going forward – it got long but I have more to come. First, I know she’s not a Democrat, but fuck Jill Stein.  As Scott Lemieux points out, the recounts will focus the issue of Trump’s legitimacy on the one issue where we’re almost certain to lose. I […]


The college my daughter attends is having a mumps outbreak — four confirmed cases.  All the students who contracted mumps were vaccinated.  Apparently, the MMR vaccine does not provide full protection for all kids vaccinated: Sad! If there were no mumps vaccine, hundreds of kids experiencing the symptoms of mumps, which of course would be: Terrible! […]


Rachel Barnhart is a Rochester-area celebrity who ran a primary challenge against another Democrat for a New York State Assembly seat earlier this year.  Barnhart lost, and wrote a book about the experience, Broad-Casted.  Her book contains lessons for anyone thinking about running for office, or even those of us who are looking for Democrats […]

The First Two Tests

I guess we’re all supposed to buy subscriptions to the New York Times to support great journalism.  Well, I subscribe to the Washington Post and the Guardian (as well as TPM Prime), and I’ll consider subscribing to the Times when I see how they handle the news that Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare and the […]

Morning Reads

There’s a lot of talk about the White Working Class  (WWC) but I thought this piece by Joan Williams, who’s written a couple of books about the work life of women, and who teaches at UC Hastings School of Law, was worth a read.  I’m not going to excerpt it, but her explanation of why […]

We Need To Talk About Money

I hardly ever watch a video ad.  I’m a cord-cutter (no cable), use a lot of ad-free streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBONow), and don’t watch sports. I am on YouTube Red (no ads) and I subscribe to most of the news sites that I read (fewer ads).  Like most people who spent a lot of […]