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Cohen Flips

Michael Cohen’s lawyers aren’t going to be representing him after this week, and it looks like he’s going to cooperate with Mueller. Update: As was pointed out in the comments, the “flip” part is ABC’s speculation. Cohen is definitely looking for new lawyers, and he may flip. Update 2: NEW: Per @KatyTurNBC, Michael Cohen has […]

Once I Had a Secret Lawyer

And my secret lawyer isn’t secret, anymore: New: @seanhannity denies Michael Cohen is his lawyer: pic.twitter.com/rXLL3If1H3 — Paul Farhi (@farhip) April 16, 2018 Besides the fact that it’s probably bullshit (unless Cohen’s attorney was inclined to end his career with a bang by telling a bald-faced lie to a federal judge), what the fuck does […]

Two Really Shitty Men

I’m sure we’re all surprised to learn that Larry Nassar’s boss was also a terrible human being: A Michigan State University official who oversaw a clinic that employed Larry Nassar was charged on Tuesday with sexually harassment and compiling nude student selfies on his work computer, in the first charges to spring from an investigation […]