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What Kind of Fuckery is This?

The USDA is moving 547 researcher jobs to Kansas City — and only 145 of the existing jobholders were willing to relocate: The agriculture department has argued that moving to Kansas City will put researchers closer to farmers and drastically reduce expenses given the Midwest’s relatively lower cost of living. But many scientists — including the […]

We’re Not Going Back

What do you think of the headline as a key 2020 slogan? I heard it from John Lewis tonight, among others.  It’s flexible — in addition to the obvious connotation, we’re not going back to the days when 20 million fewer were uninsured, we’re not going back to the days when women could be sexually […]

Keep Running That Mouth

We’re in day three of Trump’s racist attacks on AOC et. al.  The theme of today’s remarks from the trouser stain at the earlybird special is that “he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body”.  So I guess he’s an invertebrate. As far as I’m concerned, the Democrats are handling this well, and Trump […]

How About “737-Probablywontcrash”

Instead of painting “737-Max” on their 737-Maxes, Ryanair has decided to paint “737-8200“, the real model name nobody uses.  Problem solved!  Boeing can continue to outsource its software to $9/hour engineers without consequence. When we’re all flying in Airbuses, Comacs and Irkuts in 10 years, our 83 year-old Republican President for Life will be blaming it on Democrats […]

Elite “Justice”

Vox has a good piece rounding up the special treatment that Epstein received from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.  In addition to arguing that Epstein shouldn’t have to register and go through the same checks as every other sex offender (an argument that astonished the judge, and that the DA lost), Epstein was never prosecuted […]