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His Life is Over!

This story about a Nazi who lives in a bedroom suburb of Rochester, Honeoye Falls, is tragicomedy: “No Nazis in our neighborhood,” read the words emblazoned in large, bold type across the tops of the fliers, which also show a picture of a group of demonstrators carrying tiki torches on the campus of the University […]


I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the Daily Stormer. First, GoDaddy nixed their domain. Then they moved to Google, which dropped them like a hot potato a short time after they registered. Then their site went down because CloudFlare (a caching system) puked them out like a bad clam. Then they registered themselves […]

But, But, Javanka

The president of Congregation Beth Israel, Charlottesville: On Saturday morning, I stood outside our synagogue with the armed security guard we hired after the police department refused to provide us with an officer during morning services. (Even the police department’s limited promise of an observer near our building was not kept — and note, we […]

The One Thing He Believes In

Trump is the consummate bullshitter.  Verbally, he’s all over the map when discussing most issues, catering to what he thinks his audience wants to hear, and listening to the last person who leaves the room.  Healthcare is a good example.  He would have signed any bill–tiny, incremental piece of shit, or major sweeping reform–as long […]

Not Going Backwards

Let’s take a little break from the Nazis to hear from a prominent Senator: We’re not going back to the days of being lukewarm on choice. We’re not going back to the days when universal health care was something Democrats talked about on the campaign trail but were too chicken to fight for after they […]

Calm the Fuck Down

Man this David Atkins guy can stir up some drama: The latest conflagration was ignited in part by Washington Monthly alum Ryan Cooper’s piece establishing the reasons for economic populist distrust of establishment favorite 2020 hopefuls Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Deval Patrick. Cooper made some valid points about the histories of all three candidates that make […]