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Andrew in Drag

Just a reminder that there’s a primary election in New York State today. Cynthia Nixon has Andrew Cuomo piss-pants scared, and pretending he’s a progressive in bro’s clothing. In the less than two months since Nixon declared her candidacy, Cuomo all but reversed his opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana, which he called “a gateway drug” […]

Cohen Flips

Michael Cohen’s lawyers aren’t going to be representing him after this week, and it looks like he’s going to cooperate with Mueller. Update: As was pointed out in the comments, the “flip” part is ABC’s speculation. Cohen is definitely looking for new lawyers, and he may flip. Update 2: NEW: Per @KatyTurNBC, Michael Cohen has […]

Once I Had a Secret Lawyer

And my secret lawyer isn’t secret, anymore: New: @seanhannity denies Michael Cohen is his lawyer: pic.twitter.com/rXLL3If1H3 — Paul Farhi (@farhip) April 16, 2018 Besides the fact that it’s probably bullshit (unless Cohen’s attorney was inclined to end his career with a bang by telling a bald-faced lie to a federal judge), what the fuck does […]