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Michael Steele, Meet Your Party

The nutters are getting their panties in a wad: The Republican National Coalition for Life and the Rev. Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association both have came out against Mr. Steele because he and former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman were co-chairmen of the centrist Republican Leadership Council and because of his unclear comments about […]


1. My dad has 69% blockage in his carotid artery and needs surgery. He had a stroke this weekend. He’s fine for the most part – no permanent damage that I know of. I talked to him tonight, and he’s very tired, but only because he had to wait all weekend in the ER – […]

I Was a Citizen

This morning, I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. It took forever. As a non-citizen, I am required to present my passport and my I-94 (immigration) card. I did that, as required. I was held up for over 2 hours because, according to the database, I was registered as a citizen of […]

Six Random Things About Me

Since John “tagged” me for this whole 6 Random Things About Me meme, I feel I should respond. So here it goes – brutal honestly follows. 1. I have an obsession with counting things. This is probably the most annoying thing in my life. For example, I know exactly how many steps it takes to […]