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Happy New Year

Hi All, Thinking of you guys.  My absence has been largely due to me starting a new job in October. I’m now on the finance end of my previous operations role. What that means is that I frequently stare at an Excel sheet with a “what the heck” sort of look. Its been 3 months […]

Jose Antonio Vargas at Rutgers University

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go the Newark campus of Rutgers University to see Jose Antonio Vargas speak. Prior to showing his movie Documented, the moderator asked us to keep our cell phones on since the purpose of the movie was to encourage conversation on Twitter or Facebook. Quite honestly, I didn’t think […]

Ghost of Jose Rizal

Hi Everyone – saying I am a “little” obsessive is probably generous. Ever since my last post about Jose Rizal, I honestly never got off the topic. Since I am writing in a couple of locations, I think I am at a point where the narratives in both blogs are the same, so no more […]