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Hi Everyone, The Romanovs abdicated today, and so shall I. As you might have predicted from my recent sparse posting, I’ve decided to give up my front page status. That’s for a lot of reasons, including that I’ve got a bunch of other writing projects going on, and there’s a limit to how much time […]

Paul Ryan, Invertebrate

For one brief, shining moment this afternoon, Wikipedia listed Paul Ryan as a species of invertebrate. The edit is gone now, but yet, somehow, I don’t think it will be forgotten. And, yeah, I’m putting this right in Faunasphere! Open thread for discussion of all things backboned and otherwise.


There’s been a lot written about “resistance” lately, and I’m all for it, and of course it’s a wonderful topic for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I’ve done my share, but never anything like what animal activist (and FOIA ninja) Ryan Shapiro describes: My first arrest was at Ringling Brothers in 1997. We locked ourselves […]

Caregivers Thread: Dr. Arthur Kleinman’s Work

A couple of years back, I had the great good fortune to hear Dr. Arthur Kleinman, who holds professorships in medical anthropology and psychiatry at Harvard and Harvard Medical School, AND is a former director of Harvard’s Asia Center – what an underachiever! :-) – speak on “Caregiving and the Moral Experience.” His talk really […]