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Good News For People Who Enjoy Out-Of-Context Misrepresentation

Via Ed Kilgore, who cites it as evidence that we’re “entering a fact-free zone,” I see that Dave Weigel’s bored and desperate for copy enough to fisk the latest Republican attack video: At this point, getting video clips of Obama from Republican campaigns is like getting an article pitch from Jayson Blair. It might tell a […]

Open Thread: Batman As Feudal Lord

[Spoilers abound, obviously.] Gavin Mueller has a fun piece up at Jacobin, looking at the politics of The Dark Knight Rises and the Nolans’ Batman trilogy in general. He skips over what I agree is a rather ho-hum bit of analysis — the Batman conceit is somewhat fascist; but so are all superhero narratives — in favor […]

BREAKING: Matt Bai Is Wrong

Prestige political journalism is so frequently brain-dead or bankrupt, it’s worthwhile to note those occasions when someone whose byline appears below a fancy masthead pens something insightful and true. And this is especially worthwhile if the good work in question comes from even-the-liberal-New Republic. So it is with great pleasure that I present a recent, […]

See No Evil

Recently, Doug J highlighted a supremely depressing Washington Post article on resurgent poverty in America, and John flagged a recent Bill Moyers episode featuring Chris Hedges, who spoke about his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, an in-depth examination of those blighted communities Americans have collectively abandoned to the most inhumane and exploitative forces […]

Mitt Romney Is Lying About His Prior Financial Support For Outsourcing

At times it’s been lost in the billowing dust resulting from the Battle For Glenn Kessler’s Soul, but the entire conversation over whether or not Romney was Bain Capital CEO from 1999-2002 is only important insofar as it relates to outsourcing. Romney’s tried to argue that since he wasn’t CEO of Bain Capital when the […]