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Corey Robin Responds to His Critics

Corey Robin, whom some of you may remember from the book club devoted to his The Reactionary Mind, had a piece in The Nation recently that got a handful of libertarian academics extremely upset. Robin’s thesis is a touch complicated, so I’d recommend you read it for yourself rather than go by my quick-and-dirty summary. […]

Why we can’t have nice things

Citi Bike, New York City’s new bike-share program (you know, the one that represents creeping totalitarianism), while already very popular, is not without its problems. For some of the city’s wealthiest residents, for example, the issue is not so much the existence of the program but rather the fact that its bike-share stations have to […]

The Club

In the combox of my Friedersdorf post yesterday, brad said the following: There’s a reason young Connor started as a summer break replacement for McMegan and eventually took over her gig there, and it ain’t cuz he has a better calculator. At his very “best” he manages to rise to the level of concern troll, […]

Farm Bill Fail

Here’s a bit of good news: Opposition by Democrats to huge cuts in the food stamp program helped lead to the defeat of the House farm bill on Thursday, raising questions about financing for the nation’s farm and nutrition programs this year. The vote, which was 234 to 195 to defeat it, came a year after […]