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David Cross on the contradictory language of the right

A couple people have directed me to this clip (which I would embed if it were allowed.) David Cross says what I was trying to say about the double-speak on the right much better – or at least much funnier – than I do. This is more evidence that while the right is very good at talk radio, the […]

That story about government agents forcing a kid to eat chicken nuggets instead of the lunch her mom packed for her? Yeah, that’s bogus

Mark Thompson uncovers the truth behind the story about the little girl “forced” by “state agents” to eat chicken nuggets instead of her packed lunch: One problem: the story is a load of bunk at worst, a non-story at best, standing for little more than the proposition that low-income children in NC’s low-income pre-K program […]

Our immigration policy is anti-family

The story of Felipe Montes is horrifying but not an isolated incident. Montes, who had lived in the United States for nine years before being deported, left behind his wife Marie and their three children. Their youngest had just been born a couple months earlier, and Marie had fallen ill. She survived on disability with […]