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Good night, Moon

I guess Howie Kurtz will have to slum it with Washington Examiner employees now: Washington Times executives are negotiating to sell the newspaper, after the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s family cut off most of the annual subsidy of about $35 million that has kept the Unification Church-backed paper afloat, company officials said. I’ve said this […]

Mint juleps

As far as I’m concerned, the key is to use a straw. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff — making mint-infused simple syrup, for example. But all you really have to do is muddle mint with sugar and a little club soda, add a generous amount of bourbon and some ice, and drink it out […]

Liberal media

Look, I hate Lanny Davis and James Carville and Mike McCurry and all the Clinton admin media grifters, probably more than I hate the Bush admin ones. But why are these so many from the Bush administration? It’s been tough to keep up with all of them, but the list is getting pretty long. In […]

Immigration rallies again

I have not been able to find any info about immigration rallies in Rochester proper though there is one in nearbyish Albion. Anne Laurie has already touched on this but I would be curious to hear any news coverage of immigration rallies in your area. And of course first-person info is great.