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Whatever happened to predictability?

At first glance, Democrats’ performance last night in the North Carolina specials looks pretty crappy. They ran slightly behind Hillary ’16 in NC-3 and about ten points better in NC-9. The average of the two then was almost exactly the 5.5 over-performance that Dems have averaged in 34 specials since the mid-term. If the all-but-inevitable […]

So fucking special

I didn’t go all in on fundraising for the NC-9 special election earlier because I had heard the poll numbers didn’t look that good for Democrats a few weeks ago. They look pretty good now. The survey, conducted Aug. 26-28 by Harper Polling and Clarity Campaign Labs, showed McCready (D) with a 46-42 percent advantage […]

There is no future in England’s dreaming

What’s the dealio with Boris suspending parliament? Is there anyway the Queen could have said no? It really seems like something Tommy and Philip would have tried to talk her out of. Also, what’s the end game for Boris? If there are food shortages and people dying from not having insulin, doesn’t that hurt him […]

Stop, collaborate, and listen

I’ve been slacking on fundraising so I’m going to do a bunch at once now. Early money is important. Here’s the Balloon Juice Senate Fund, split between nominee funds in several competitive states where we have a chance to flip a seat. (You can allocate as you like when you click on the contributed button.) […]