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He went back to his local where he felt anti-social

Are any of involved in local elections, running, supporting candidates, whatever? I’d like to promote local elections as much as I can this fall. Here’s an idea I had: how about if let commenters send me a blurb about a local candidate they like and I do a small fundraiser for them (say $500)? That […]

Get mad, you sons of bitches

This is what I wrote a little while about the House probes and it is coming true. Pretty obvious what happens with House probes into Trump: Trump refuses to give them docs, witnesses refuse to testify, and the media blames it all on Democratic overreach. You can take this to the bank. It's more likely […]

Only a fool would think someone could save you

We will have plenty of time to call each other neoliberal shills and Bernie bros in 2020, and still more time to freak out about the general election polls in 2020. What matters this year is off-year elections. You may have some local off-year elections. In my county, we have a county exec election. I […]

Which might be better than tv

Tucker was too much of a coward to air this but it’s one of the best things ever: the Dutch historian who dunked on the Galtians at Davos doing a number on Tucker Carlson (via leaked cellphone footage). Watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson call one of his guests a 'tiny brain…moron' during an interview. […]