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Tenny thuggin’

This is a slap in the face to Rudyard Kipling or maybe Rudyard’s just been thrown under the bus: He (Blagojevich) ended the news conference by quoting a poem from “Ulysses” by Lord Alfred Tennyson, ending with: “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”Blagojevich was arrested Dec. 9 and accused of scheming […]

Deeper and deeper

More cheery economic news today: *” Not only has the unemployment rate risen sharply to 7.2%, but the number of workers only able to find part time jobs (or have had their hours cut for economic reasons) is now over 8 million. “Of course the U.S. population is significantly larger today (about 305 million) than […]

Sarah Palin gets it

Following up on John’s slanted take on the Pailn mockumentary, this should be a slap in the face to those of you who doubted Palin’s wit and authenticity: Conservatives will be thrilled to know that she immediately “got” and seemed to fully appreciate my joke that Pete Wilson (and not Arnold Schwarzenegger) would go down […]

PUMA versus Wingnut

I’ve got an idea for a new feature here. Compare a really stupid statement/post from wingnuttia with a really stupid one from the PUMAsphere, then debate which is stupider. For our PUMA entry, let’s start with the “PUMAs are the new Jews” thing John alluded to earlier (from NoIQ, natch): Is puma the new jew […]