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Sometimes they don’t take the bait

Perry Bacon today during an online chat: Rochester, N.Y.: BlagoGate, BurrisGate, CommerceGate, PanettaGate….is is too early to declare the Obama presidency a scandal-ridden failure? Perry Bacon: In a word, yes. We’ve made a big deal of the Commerce flub for instance, but how many people,even in Washington, could name the current Commerce Secretary? (Carlos M. […]

Rereading the classics

As some of you may know, I’m addicted to the Washington Post online chats. During a chat just before Xmas, Larry Sabato advised: If you have even a few spare hours over the holidays, then read or re-read Robert Penn Warren’s ALL THE KING’S MEN. Its universal lessons apply to so many current events. Normally, […]

It’s the socks, stupid

I’ve lost my copy of the Left-Wing Blogosphere Enemies list, so I can’t remember whether or not I’m supposed to hate Jason Zengerle. Either way, Zengerle has a good piece today wherein he catches the late Tim Russert with his socks down today. Here’s Brokaw: A few years ago, he (Tim Russert) asked me to […]

Your Daily Affirmation that we’re all screwed

Exhibit A, today’s jobs report: Private-sector employers shed 693,000 jobs in December, a private employment service said on Wednesday in a report that was far worse than expected and pointed to more ugly news from the government’s jobs data due later this week. The drop, much bigger than the revised 476,000 private sector jobs lost […]

It’s Calvinball season

Comparing Calvinball — a game wherein the permanent rule is that you may not play the Calvinball the same way twice and the primary rule is that the rules are subject to be changed, amended, or deleted by any player(s) involved — to contemporary politics has become something of a tradition at Balloon Juice. Calvinball […]