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Roger Simon is an idiot

To eliminate any possible confusion, this is pornstache Roger Simon, not pimp-hat saintly Pajamas media founder Roger Simon. He has a recent article comparing Roland Burris with Caroline Kennedy: How come Roland Burris has had such an easy time getting to the U.S. Senate while Caroline Kennedy has had such a hard time? Could it […]

The Obama recession continues

From Bloomberg: Sales at U.S. retailers fell more than twice as much as forecast in December as job losses and the choking-off of credit led Americans to cut back on everything from eating out to car purchases. The 2.7 percent decrease, the sixth consecutive drop, extended the longest string of declines in records going back […]

Hollywood East

I’ve started to get some very strange press releases since I joined Red State Strike Force, the Atlasphere, and the Republican Jewish coalition a few weeks ago. I can’t make heads or tails of this one, from Hollywood East Inc. I’ve bolded the most interesting parts but it begs to be read in its entirety: […]

Villagization and its discontents

Via Atrios, Jay Rosen has an interesting piece about how elite media determine what constitutes the “the sphere of legitimate debate”, how they do so while pretending they don’t, and how blogs and other new media are beginning to undermine elite media’s ability to make this determination unilaterally. The sphere of legitimate debate is the […]