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Trying to make a living and doing the best I can

I salute the people at RedState for continuing to oppose Trump, and I even think their reasoning is pretty sound: Trump is vocally supported by white supremacists, white nationalists, and racial grievance mongers. He plays to them openly. Trump attacked the wife of a political opponent and that political opponent’s father. He drummed up internet […]

Well I know I had it coming

There’s a great Vox interview with Norman Ornstein about the Trumpocalypse: But if you forced me to pick one factor explaining what’s happened, I would say this is a self-inflicted wound by Republican leaders. Over many years, they’ve adopted strategies that have trivialized and delegitimized government. They were willing to play to a nativist element. […]

He’s a bandit and a heartbreaker

It’s still hard for me to believe that #NeverTrump wasn’t able to make a dent in the Donald by hammering away at Trump University and Trump’s misogyny. This ad about Trump University was pretty good: As was this ad about Trump’s misogyny: The media will try to recast Trump as a serious reformicon maverick between […]

Five years going by

There aren’t many people who foresaw the Trumpocalypse, but here’s Steve M. from April 2011: But can’t you see him magisterially propelling himself into an Iowa state fair, or down a main street in small-town New Hampshire, in a motorcade of Escalades? And are we really sure that couldn’t work — winning the nomination, by […]

I shouted out who killed the Kennedies

Anne Laurie’s last post should serve as a reminder: the general election is going to be shithouse rodent crazy. Here’s my question: how much traction will the murder of Vince Foster, the Clinton’s drug-running activities at the Mena airport, and so on, get within the mainstream media? I have one prediction and I guess it’s […]