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Cruel to be kind, in the right measure

I know not everyone likes it when I talk about how much passing Shitcare 3.0 will hurt Republicans. But I think it’s important to keep talking about it, because (a) it’s true and (b) it’s the argument that should most convince Republicans not to pass the piece of crap. Even the conservative Reihan Salam agrees: […]

Making it easy for the clean up woman

I’m not much for “heightening the contradictions”. There’s an old saying, that when someone says “minor surgery” means someone else is getting operated on. Well, I think when someone says “heighten the contradictions”, it means someone else’s life is being destroyed by awful government policy. So I think we should fight like hell to save […]

Speaking of assholes

Fuck Paul Ryan (give to Iron Stache below): And fuck all the Republicans in the House (give to the eventual Democratic nominees in all districts currently held by Republicans):