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Almost blue

Something interesting is going on in this election that hasn’t got much discussion: Hillary is doing the same as Obama (in 2012) in blue states, about two points better in swing states, and about nine points better in red states. This is a very health development, because one of the real dangers for our political […]

Nothing changes New Year’s day

I’ve read a bunch of stupid articles recently, many of them by conservatives, about how the GOP will change after this election, assuming Trump loses. Really? Now, I don’t blame conservatives for hoping that this will happen, but it’s ridiculous to think that it will. Trump is popular with their base. We will get four […]

Open thread

Let’s keep raising money for Dems. I just got tagged to do a Seven Awesome Songs From the 70s in Seven Days thing on Facebook. What would your choices be? I feel that there are several categories that need to appear in such a list: (1) a song with a flute, (2) a Laurel Canyon-type […]

Bob Dylan Nobel

How do people feel about Bob Dylan getting the Nobel prize for literature? I don’t always love his lyrics, but “Simple Twist of Fate” and “Mississippi” are about my favorite songs ever in terms of lyrics.