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Maybe everything that dies some day comes back

Apropos of my desire for Phillip Seymour Hoffman to play Steve Bannon from beyond the grave, reader J writes: Your blog post got me thinking – What if I could use CGI to cast a dead actor or actress for a role in a previously released film? Which dead actor or actress would I choose […]

Brand new cadillac

This sounds like a real winner politically: A draft House Republican repeal bill would dismantle Obamacare subsidies and scrap its Medicaid expansion, according to a copy of the proposal obtained by POLITICO. The legislation would take down the foundation of Obamacare, including the unpopular individual mandate, subsidies based on people’s income, and all of the […]

I’m addressing the realpolitik

My therapist said I have to stop reading and writing about Putin’s useful idiots on “the left”. It’s hard to top this from LG&M and anyway: Watching Glenn Greenwald desperately fling his hands and talk VERY LOUD to dissemble from his role in electing Donald Trump through funneling everything about Hillary Clinton the Russian propaganda […]

Oh, I wish I was in the land of Cotton

But you’re going to repeal it anyway because you don’t give a fuck about your state. Sen. Cotton states, "I'm not here to deny that Obamacare has helped Arkansans." #CottonTownHall — Channing Barker (@ChanningBarker) February 22, 2017

Communication, a telephonic invasion

Nothing to see here, folks: A purported cyber hack of the daughter of political consultant Paul Manafort suggests that he was the victim of a blackmail attempt while he was serving as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign chairman last summer. The undated communications, which are allegedly from the iPhone of Manafort’s daughter, include a text that […]

Running scared

A song for all those special snowflakes in Congress: Most Republicans in swing districts are steering clear of in-person town hall gatherings this week, hoping to avoid the anti-President Trump protesters determined to make them the star of a viral YouTube video.

Big baby turtle

This is just the kind of reaction we want to get from the Republican special snowflakes in Congress: McConnell said the current administration is pursuing an agenda that “folks outside don’t agree with.” “They had their shot in the election. … But in this country when you win the election you get to make policy. […]