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Stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was a time for a change

The “microtargeting” part sounds potentially like big data bullshit, but otherwise, yeah: “This is a three-headed operation,” said one former official, setting out the case, based on the intelligence: Firstly, hackers steal damaging emails from senior Democrats. Secondly, the stories based on this hacked information appear on Twitter and Facebook, posted by thousands of automated […]

I’ll remember April

American Urban Radio Network’s April Ryan isn’t having any of Spicey’s whiny bullshit. On Tuesday he again showed his manipulative and churlish side in an exchange with April D. Ryan, the longtime White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks. Ryan has been sitting through White House briefings since the second […]

Tremendous cream

Years ago, James Carville said of the Paula Jones suit against Clinton, “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” At the time I thought it was funny, now I think it’s offensive and the antithesis of what liberals should say and think about lower-income Americans who […]

He sells sanctuary

I don’t link to TPM much because I figure everyone reads it, but I this is an important point: Perhaps the White House had planned all along for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make an appearance at today’s press briefing to rail against sanctuary cities. But the timing is consistent with what I’ve long feared […]

I can see for miles and miles

I like to try to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of right-wing media and blogs, but I find reading Fox, let alone, Breitbart, just too soul-crushing to do on a regular basis. I read alicublog and I’ve started following Will Sommer on twitter (he’s the guy who had all the […]

Ain’t too proud to beg

Jon Ossoff is polling well ahead of the Republicans in the jungle primary in GA-6 and polls show him neck-and-neck in the general. This would be a big win for Dems and would scare the shit out of the Republicans in Congress. So make it rain.