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It’s an invitation across the nation

Good news: As of the end of June, 209 Democratic challengers had registered with the FEC and raised at least $5,000. That more than doubled the previous high mark since 2003. In 2009, the Republicans had 78 challengers with at least $5,000. The early GOP challengers in 2009 foreshadowed the party’s regaining majority control. The […]

Fee fee fi fi fo-fo fum

I’m of the opinion that establishment media doth protest too much about its powerlessness in the face of Trump and the right-wing echo chamber. Atrios: Those of us with long memories remember how, at best, you would find one lonely Clinton defender against 3 or more rabid antagonists during Monica Madness (at best, as often […]

I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’m still mystified

It blows me away that, as Dave points out, McConnell won’t even tell the GOP Senators what the fuck he wants them to vote for this week. This piece by former GOP Senator David Durenberger is very good. He details how little is known about the bill and concludes: A vote in these circumstances will […]

And as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention

Brian Beutler has a rather alarmist take on the seemingly inevitable constitutional crisis: Should Trump fire Mueller, with the tacit assent of Republicans in Congress and the DOJ leadership, there will be little recourse. It is feasible (though difficult) to imagine a GOP House and Senate passing an independent counsel statute to restore Mueller to […]

Gimme some money

I’ve been traveling the past few weeks, but I’m back and I want to keep raising money for the midterm elections. You can donate here to every Democratic nominee for the House who runs against a Republican incumbent. You can donate here to the guy running against Paul Ryan (Randy Bryce).

I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk

Gonna be tough for Collins to vote for Trumpcare after this: For the 15th year, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) spent July 4 marching through this town of 1,331, a short boat ride away from Canada. She walked and waved, next to marching bands and Shriner-driven lobster boats. Her constituents cheered — and then asked whether […]