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Forty House Seats to Freedom?

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the fundraising. I think a lot of people are waiting for our big combined list to give. We’ve been taking a lot of fliers on tough races so far, because I think the candidates in those races deserve our support and might not get much elsewhere. And one of those […]

Never hesitate to put a winger on his back

The Kavanaugh hearings went off the rails for Republicans for one reason and one reason only: Democrats decided to fucking fight for once. Let’s keep fighting. You can give here to a CrowdPac that funds Susan Collins’ opponent next time she runs if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh. Here’s a GoFundMe to pay for Christine […]

You’ve been so kind and generous

Aaron Matson would like to thank you for giving to his campaign for South Dakota State Treasurer. I think we owe him thanks too! Running for office is hard, hard work, and without great Democrats like him putting in that work, well, we’d all be speaking Trump pretty soon. To the Balloon Juice community: I […]

I’ll remember April

Ballon Juicer Paul Wartenberg is from Florida-17 and wants us to know about the great Democratic candidate there. As your representative, April will defend our community, our seniors, our children, our veterans and our environment by pursuing policies that make sense and work. April will work with other elected officials to ensure everyone benefits from […]

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Here’s Benny, laid back. Let’s push Balloon Juice reader Aaron Matson over the 1K mark — he’s running for State Treasurer of South Dakota. If you want to stick it to the man by helping defeat Scott Walker, give here to Tony Evers, running for governor of Wisconsin. A lot of people are interested in […]

Fuck Scott Walker again

Apparently the Koch brothers network unleashed a massive denial of service attack on the blog right after I posted this yesterday, which is why the blog was down most of yesterday. They can’t stop us, though — I’m posting it again. **************** Tony Evers is running against Scott Walker. Fuck Scott Walker. What more can […]