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That is all they talk about, at data control

Great article about Beto O’Rourke in the Times: Mr. O’Rourke told the crowd at Suga’s that the “Dreamers” — young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children — should be protected. No wall should be built on the border with a friendly country. College must be more affordable. Women deserve access to reproductive health […]

I ain’t gonna work on Vladie’s farm no more

I recommend this interview with one of the people who worked at the St. Petersburg troll factory that was the subject of several indictments on Friday. How did the trolling work? You got a list of topics to write about. Every piece of news was taken care of by three trolls each, and the three […]

We never got if off on that revolution stuff

It’s been kind of a brutal week politically. There’s something to remember though: things will change politically when the baby boomers die off and millennials become the dominant political block in our country. I don’t know that well how baby boomers think, but I do understand how my generation, Gen X, does, to some extent. […]

Took a look around, see which way the wind blow

Whenever I see an interesting article about a possible Democratic presidential candidate, I’m going to put something up about it here. Unless it’s Joe Biden or Bernie, I think they’re too old. Here’s a brief one, by George Will of all people, about Eric Garcetti, mayor of LA. I don’t agree with Will on much […]

Locked up in a tight one

This special election poll for PA-18 is astoundingly close: Saccone holds a 49% to 46% edge over Democrat Conor Lamb in the race to fill the open House seat on March 13, using a turnout model similar to voting patterns seen in other special elections over the past year. This is an R +11 district. […]

So fucking special

Another day, another big special election win for Dems — Dave wrote about this last night. Let’s raise some more money for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which was involved in last night’s victory and is dedicated to taking back statehouses all over the country. (I just upped the goal for them to $5000.)

Yo bum rush the show

The Washington Post just hired Megan McArdle. Let’s review some of her greatest hits: (1) Shooter-rushing as a way to minimized casualties in mass shootings. (2) Not admitting she fucked up her estimates of the costs of the Iraq War as percentage of GDP by a factor of ten. What else? I think that, as […]