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The Reichstag fire next time

We’ve all seen this movie before — an unpopular and ill-prepared president takes office after a disputed election — so we know what happens next. There will be some sort of international event, perhaps a terrorist attack, perhaps something else. It doesn’t have to be anything all that large-scale this time around. Although the event […]

It takes a nation of millions

Yesterday’s nationwide Women’s March was by far the largest protest in American history:   According to UConn Professor Jeremy Pressman’s Google document of crowd estimates the low-end estimate is 3.66 million marchers. The high-end estimate is 4.57 million. Whether it is the low or high estimate that is accurate the Women’s March On Washington shattered […]

Today was a good day

More people showed up to protests today than showed up to the inauguration yesterday. Trump was spooked into an insane rambling speech before the CIA. Thanks to everyone who showed up to a march today. Don’t let establishment media tell you you were too shrill. One down and 1460 to go. Vive la resistance.

One more thing

As the American Resistance builds, establishment media (who gave us Donald Trump in the first place) will attack us for being rude, vitriolic, smelly hippies. Rude would be if we sent every last one of them to the guillotines they richly deserve. I’d say a little profanity here and there is pretty fucking polite under […]

Taking it to the streets

I was at the Rochester women’s march today. I’d estimate about 2500 people were there, and unlike how the press is describing things in DC (which I’m skeptical of), there was lots of diversity. Here’s some pictures: My sister was at the march at Seneca Falls (about 30 minutes away), which was two or three […]

The last thing they’ll ever do is act in your interest

Trump didn’t win because he’s a political genius or because the voters are dumb. He won because our institutions failed: The major institutions (the parties, the FBI, the media) have failed. Which means there's never been a better time for mass political action — Jeet Heer (@HeerJeet) January 20, 2017 These same institutions can still […]