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Nowhere to hide

In 2010, there were over 100 House seats that Cook Political report rated as competitive. I expect that number to be at least as high in 2018. I have nothing against the DCCC but they tend to spend a lot of money in a small number of races that are winnable. Not to get all […]

Babylon throne gone down gone down

Via the comments, there was a big upset in the New York State assembly race in Long Island tonight: Democrat Christine Pellegrino has defeated Republican Thomas Gargiulo in the District 9 State Assembly special election. With all election districts reporting, unofficial results have Pellegrino ahead of Gargiulo by margins of 3,338-2,282 in Suffolk County and […]

When their eloquence escapes you

For some reason, friends of mine have been talking about Sting online recently, and when I talk about his album The Tepid Heart, they can’t tell that I’m kidding! I guess that’s because if someone told you there was a Sting album called The Tepid Heart and you didn’t google it, you’d just assume it […]

Fire on the mountain, run boys run

Jon Ossoff is up SEVEN POINTS in today’s Survey USA poll. If he wins this race at all, great Democratic candidates are going to come out of the woodwork to challenge Republican incumbents everywhere. The Montana special with Rob Quist on Thursday is looking tight too, though it’s tough terrain (Trump won by 20 points). […]

Gentlemen prefer blondes

Things aren’t looking so good for Trump’s little Kushball right now: WashPo reports: -person of interest is a "WH official" – 3 officials had confirmed Russia contact – 1 of them works at WH, Jared Kushner — Ari Melber (@AriMelber) May 19, 2017 Nothing suspicious about this: Within hours of Mueller’s appointment on Wednesday, the […]