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Only love can break your heart

I’ve been impressed by how many right-wing pundits — George Will and Robert Kagan stand out — are so freaked out and upset about Trump that they’re willing to be anti-Trump all the time and note devote any columns to fragging Hillary. Meanwhile, the professional centrists continue to treat Trump and Hillary as two sides […]

Tell that fucking bullshit to the tourists

I often tell people that national American politics primarily about race, that no one cares about smaller government or individual rights or any of that crap, and that the proof of this is that white southerners voted overwhelmingly for Democrats before the Civil Rights era and now vote overwhelmingly for Republicans. This George Wallace quote […]

Gastritis broke my dictionary

Bloomberg and the Atlantic should feel very proud (via via): Good article. But attention WaPo headline writer: “Whom” is not the formal version of “Who”. https://t.co/GFMwZIGNAk — (((Megan McArdle))) (@asymmetricinfo) July 9, 2016 @ehaglund Adding “ever” to the end does not change this; if you wouldn’t use “Whom”, you should not use “whomever" — (((Megan […]