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Right back where we started from

You will be shocked to learn that David Brooks and Matt Bai have both gone anti-anti-Trump and, thus, are now effectively pro-Trump. Here’s how being anti-anti-Trump works: yes, Trump isn’t perfect but the dirty hippies and the elites in their Accela Corridor bubble are worse. In other words, Trump changes nothing. We’re back to square […]

Sing, Michael, sing

Here’s hoping that Flynn testifies against others to avoid jail time: Former national security adviser Michael Flynn likely broke the law by failing to disclose foreign income he earned from Russia and Turkey, the heads of the House Oversight Committee said Tuesday. Trump’s greatest accomplishment in his first 100 days has been getting Bloomberg View […]

I wanna be your dog

Finally, a story that combines my love of pets with my hatred of Mark Halperin: So it was the 10:45 red eye on delta. in first class the seating arrangement was A-BC-D seating. I had purchased 6A and 6B and Halperin was in 6C. The dog and I fly back and forth from California to […]

All the federales say

I just read through the big NYT piece on FBI investigations in the 2016 campaign. My big takeaway is that the FBI is afraid of Republicans in a way that they’re simply not afraid of Democrats. I’m not saying that they’re wrong to feel this way, just that it’s a fact. Examples: [W]ith polls showing […]

Our town is turning into shit

I just finished listening to the Shit Town podcast. Has anyone else listened to it? After the first episode, my wife said “That guy (John B.) sounds a lot like someone from Balloon Juice.” Overall, I liked it a lot but I thought it dragged a lot after the first three or four episodes. I […]