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Site Changes, They Are A-Comin’

Folks, Just a quick note about upcoming site changes.  I mentioned this a few days ago in a comment or two, but didn’t make a full post, so here it is. The new commenting system is finally ready – not perfect, but good enough to grow with. So the plan is to launch it sometime […]

Snowy Site Maintenance Update

Folks, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been active, but I’ve been awaiting the release of required features in the upcoming new commenting system. Since that’s still 2-3 weeks off, I figured I’d post an update and general site maintenance thread.   First – I haven’t been reading the site much, so I have […]

Site News – Theme Update Is Incomplete

Folks, The theme update could have gone better, and is not done.  On the “glass is half-full” side, it could have gone much worse. To avoid such unpleasantness when the theme is updated in the future, I’m setting up a child theme, to which I can make most of my tweaks and then not have […]