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Small Site Edits Incoming

Folks, Just a little warning. I’ll be working with Watergirl to adjust some things on the site, based on others’ feedback to her. I don’t expect anything massive, but if things go wonky for a few, I hope you’ll understand! Otherwise – open thread. Note: I will not be monitoring this thread for your comments; […]

Something Fun and Yummy

In pursuit of some non-political thinking, submitted for your pleasure. Last weekend I had the pleasure of being in Austin and having another encounter with their famous breakfast tacos. The sublime experience was delivered by Torchy’s Tacos and their sauces. I brought some extra sauces home and am now trying to recreate something like them […]

Quick Tech Note Regarding Comments

Folks, I just fixed an issue that made some comments disappear for a user or two. And that made me want to reach out to everyone so that I can improve your Balloon Juice commenting experience. So – when/if a comment disappears or goes into moderation, please use the contact form to send me a […]

Quick Tech Question

Some users report their comments ALWAYS going into moderation or disappearing. Some others report moderation after editing a comment (but not all users). This is most worrisome as you can’t report the issue in a comment if it disappears! So if this happens to you, dear reader, please use the Contact option in Quick Links […]

Quick Tech Note and Open Thread

Folks, Due to many reports of resource issues, I changed the video ad back to non-secure. I suspect that making it secure (using https) was causing the resource drain issue. So hopefully if you had that issue recently, it should be solved. I am still hoping to make a small tweak to the Read More […]