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Site News – Hiccups Coming Soon!

Folks, I just wanted to give you some warning on the upcoming hiccups. I have to update the site’s theme, and that will temporarily overwrite many cosmetic changes I’ve made recently. Don’t worry – I am backing up all my files and will re-apply the edits as fast as I can! I will be doing […]

Site Issues and Feedback

We’ve setup a new menu item, under About Balloon Juice, for all future issue reports and suggestions about the site. That way, we don’t miss important things because we aren’t monitoring the comments 24-7! We are still working through many of the things listed in John’s post from late last week, so please hold off […]

Redesign Launch and Issues Post

Welcome to the new Balloon Juice! This post is an area for you to report issues, ask questions, or give feedback. Please keep to the topic—use a different thread for Open Thread and new subjects! Tommy (yeah I posted this, didn’t feel comfortable logging in as John to do it) and possibly Alain will keep […]