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I watched Exit Wounds last

I watched Exit Wounds last night, and I am afraid that my vocabulary is not large enough to completely eviscerate it properly. I will attempt a a Ten Second Movie Review anyway: Exit Wounds– Seagal still runs like a girl. Handguns carry a lot of bullets, which is good because bad guys miss a lot. […]

If there was ever a

If there was ever a question that Congress’s attitude was that they pass laws for other people (meaning us, the peasant class), listen to John Dingell whining about having to remove his trousers because the STEEL BRACE around his knee was setting off the alarms. “I complied, but tried to do it with some small […]

Tim Blair updates the ‘Paki’

Tim Blair updates the ‘Paki’ scandal, which, as it turns out, is not a scandal at all. Also, thanks to the mention by the folks at HappyFunPundit. Yes, this is a new site, and I will see how long it lasts. I already need to do some serious template updating, and my layout is just […]

Phew… Maybe it is just

Phew… Maybe it is just Gail Collins on mushrooms or something. My sense of order has been restored. Bob Herbert wants us to get to the post post-9/11 era quick so he can start attacking Giuliani again.

For the second time in

For the second time in a week, the NY Times has an editorial criticizing Democrats. This has had more than a slight effect on my understanding of the world, and for some reason I feel as if I am in some alternate universe (remember bizarro Seinfeld?). I am going to hop over to the Washington […]