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Gail Collins, Voice of Reason?????????:

Gail Collins, Voice of Reason?????????: It is going too far at the moment to call the collapse of Enron a scandal for the Bush administration. The head of Enron was one of the president’s biggest campaign donors, and we now know that he called two cabinet officers last fall to warn them that the company […]

More Enron: You just have

More Enron: You just have to love this nonsense. Now that it is pretty clear that there is no smoking gun regarding the Bush Administration and Enron, the loony left is trying two different attacks. Again, the approach seems to be the spaghetti approach (throw a bunch at the wall and hope something sticks). The […]

$450.00 in repairs for a

$450.00 in repairs for a car I paid $1,000 for in 1992. Some tie rod thing was bad, new tires, and new front and rear brakes. He said my brakes were really bad- I guess not only am I going nowhere fast, but I couldn’t stop real well once I got there either. Why do […]