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BTW- Am I the only

BTW- Am I the only registered Republican who is sickened by this orgy of spending? Goodness- it is just appalling. I think I might be ripping up my elephant card and following the lead of the Samizdata folks.

OK. The pundits all seem

OK. The pundits all seem agog with this speech. I thought it was a luke-warm ‘O.k.’ I still think his best speech was his acceptance speech at the 2000 Republican Convention. In particular, these lines: A time of prosperity is a test of vision. And our nation today needs vision. That is a fact … […]

Post SOTU prediction check. #1

Post SOTU prediction check. #1 Confirmed. Drugs for elderly, more head start, and a number of others I amforgetting. #2- Too early to tell. #3- Somewhat confirmed. Subject brought up immediately on MSNBC. #4- Confirmed. Gephardt’s opening line was on parties united. Couldn’t see Hillary’s calves, but I am SURE they are still fat. #5- […]

He seems to be halfway

He seems to be halfway through, and I am already drawing a map of my backyard so I know where I have buried my wallet. He does not realize that Congress can not spell fiscal responsibility, let alone understand it.