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Quick Saudi links (lost the

Quick Saudi links (lost the others- thought I had saved them in Word, but they now are in the great data graveyard in the sky): Overview from the Center for Defense Information (never heard of them, so can not make any claims about thecredibility). ISLAM IS NOT THE SOURCE OF TERRORISM, BUT ITS SOLUTION: OCCUPATION […]

Just don’t have much to

Just don’t have much to say today, and I think my red death wine hangover is partially to blame. The students are back in town, so I feel like my town has been taken over, and I am in a lousy mood. On a positive note, my grocery store started carrying San Pellegrino, which is […]

I have a couple more

I have a couple more Saudi links to post, but I will get them tomorrow. I am well into a great bottle of wine, and doubt I will make much sense if I continue to type (although that is assuming that I normally make any sense). I am not much of a wine connoisseur. Since […]

More Enron: A lot of

More Enron: A lot of column inches from the Economist, and it appears that the Bush Administration is still only being tarred with guilt by association. If the Bush Administration or members in it did do anything for Enron, despite reports that they turned them down when asked for help (unlike Clinton officials), they should […]