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My Newfound Hobby

I have spent the last week watching Hurricane coverage and while I am watching it for a specific reason, I will be damned if it is not fascinating stuff. My favorite thing, hands down, is how many amatuer storm watchers there are out there. Personally, my favorite is Mike’s Weather Page (spaghettimodels.com or Mike’s Weather […]

Florence Is an Angry, Angry Storm

This hurricane is terrifying. Not only will I not be going on vacation to the Outer Banks this weekend, but the Outer Banks may simply cease to exist: Unfortunately, Bruce Willis and Batffleck will not be able to save us: Key Messages: 1. A life-threatening storm surge is likely along portions of the coastlines of […]

NFL Open Thread

I’m watching but this game is just boring. And I don’t mean this Steelers/Browns game in particular, I mean the sport in general. When does hockey season start? Hurricane Florence continues to gain strength and it has rained nonstop for 72 hours here and I have standing water everywhere in the backyard EXCEPT by the […]

Saturday Night Open Thread

My sportsball team is doing very well. Serena got screwed. Refreshing spaghettimodels.com every eight seconds. *** Update *** I am in tears: Fam you bout to buy a pony. — w. (@XXVIIXCI) September 8, 2018

A Real Whodunnit?

Got a real mystery here. I went to get some gas and pick up some stuff from the big city, and when I came home, someone had been in the garbage: It wasn’t Lily, because she was upstairs sleeping. Was it Rosie, seen investigating the scene of the crime? I think I may have found […]

Because of Course It Fucking Is

I am now performing voodoo rituals and whatever black magic is necessary to put the kaibosh on Hurricane Florence: Best case scenario is for it to die at sea. Next best case is for it to turn sharply north and die down. Best case scenario FOR ME PERSONALLY is for it to turn south and […]