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Why They Thought It Would Work

I wrote about this on the twitter machine, which usually is just where I post crap and tell toadie journalists and nazis to go fuck themselves, but I think this is worth repeating. A refresher on what the dipshits Wohl and Burkman tried to do: The office of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, […]

Derp State

I have nothing to add to the Wohl shitshow discussed by Tom and Cheryl, but I felt this title for a post was too good to pass up. Watching the Pens and relaxing- Genine is on a flight back to the left coast. Thurston misses her.

Fake Jews*

These fucking guys: Mike Pence got a rabbi who is really a Christian to pray for synagogue dead. On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence led a campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan where prayers were said by Rabbi Loren Jacobs, who is affiliated with the Messianic synagogue Shema Yisrael. “God of Abraham, God of Isaac, […]

Leto & Avalune Update

Many of you have asked if you can help, and Avalune has emailed me the following: At 7:20 am on Wednesday, October 17, my phone alarm and ring tone went off simultaneously. I might have ignored the phone since no one calls me except to tell me my car insurance is expiring or I have […]

The Good Place

Genine and I had a lazy morning and then headed out to the big city for the meet the candidates event at the Crooked Dock in Wellsburg. A pretty good turnout: Here’s AJ Thomas, who is running to be the Brooke County Commissioner: And here is Joe Manchin speaking with Kendra Fershee right behind (in […]

Friday Night Open Thread

It’s a rainy, windy, generally crappy night tonight, and I am sitting here with long time commenter and friend of the blog Genine, and we are watching a bit of Netflix: She went on vacation from her abode on the left coast (Oakland) to visit family in Philly, and was heading to Cleveland to visit […]