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Lethal Injection Apparently Not Painless

This raises a number of questions: Judges in several states have started to put up potentially insurmountable roadblocks to the use of lethal injections to execute condemned inmates. Their decisions are based on new evidence suggesting that prisoners have endured agonizing executions. In response, judges are insisting that doctors take an active role in supervising […]

This is Amusing

I don’t know why, but this story made me laugh: NASCAR and Texas Motor Speedway officials were surprised by NBC’s admission that it planted Muslim-looking people in the crowd at last weekend’s DirecTV 500 in Martinsville, Va. “If this is really true and NBC has anything to do with this, I question the mentality of […]

Laptop Advice

I am looking for a new laptop, and I need your advice. Two things: 1.) It has to be a Dell. 2.) I need to be able to run Dreamweaver without hiccups or slowdowns. Internal wireless and a cd burner would be a nice addition, too, although I rarely use the one I have for […]


New ‘news’ about the tenth planet: The 10th planet turns out to be barely larger than Pluto, a new photograph by the Hubble Space Telescope shows. The object — still officially unnamed but currently tagged with the designation 2003 UB313 and nicknamed Xena — covered only 1.5 pixels in the digital image taken by Hubble, […]