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Everyone Stop It

And while Barney Frank is babbling about ethnic cleansing, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is making his own stupid remarks: Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele apologized this morning for telling a Baltimore Jewish group yesterday that he believes stem cell research could be comparable to Nazi medical testing on Jews during World War II. “I’m […]

Tragedy At Balloon Juice

This is an absolute disaster: Cindy Sheehan, the anti- Iraq war activist whose son was killed in the conflict there, put an end to speculation on Thursday that she would launch a long-shot bid to become a U.S. senator from California. Sheehan, speaking in front of San Francisco City Hall, said she would not run […]

Katrina Fall-Out

As we speak, former FEMA Director Michael Brown is testifying before Congress, and so far it has been a little testy, but not that shocking. Meanwhile, the NY Times reports that the White House knew about the levee breaches earlier than previously believed: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bush administration officials said they had […]


The Mountaineers played a horrible (they shot 13% the first half) game and are no longer unbeaten in the Big East as they lose to hated rival Pitt 57-53 in the away portion of the Backyard Brawl. Blech. At least Tim will be happy.

Mine Safety

The White House has released a clickable map of the 50 states which lead you to specific information for each state regarding the 2007 budget. That in and of itself is kind of cool, and an interesting use of technology to get a political message out. This, however, caught my eye when examining the points […]