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I Beg You

I can take the harangues directed at me. I can take the intentional and unintentional misreading of what I write. I can take the flaming. Why? Because as far as I am concerned, I give as good as I get. What I can not take, however, is some of you refusing to embed your links […]

This Made Me Laugh

Sometimes a story is pretty uneventful, but one line makes me laugh out loud. This is one of those cases: The U.S. Army, which missed its recruiting goal last year, has relaxed its policy banning certain types of tattoos in a bid to attract new soldiers who otherwise would have been barred from serving. The […]

The National Security Battle

The Democrats unveiled their plan: Emboldened by President Bush’s declining approval ratings, Democrats unveiled a national security platform yesterday for the midterm elections that stresses renewed focus on capturing Osama bin Laden, reducing the U.S. presence in Iraq and stepped up protection at home. The new strategy, which comes after months of deliberations and several […]

Please Explain

If any of you can explain how this post and this ‘investigation’ by the Wonkette folks is anything more than piling on, butting into someone’s professional career, and just plain run-of-the-mill assholishness, I am all ears. Hey WOnkette- It is none of your damned business. What do you people want- the guy dead, for goodness […]

To The Big House

Abramoff gets the minimum: Jack A. Abramoff, the once-powerful Republican lobbyist at the center of a major corruption scandal, was sentenced Wednesday to five years and 10 months in prison for his role in the fraudulent purchase of a fleet of casino cruise ships. An associate received the same sentence. I would be willing to […]