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Open Thread

Guys, please bear with me. I am just swamped trying to get things done, and I am having major problems with one of my projects- leading to about 80 students who can not view their final exams yet. A disaster, in other words. I will be back, I swear. I hate finals.

The WH in Turmoil?

Dan Balz states that the WH is doing what they can to salvage what is left of the administration: In a White House known for both defiance and optimism, yesterday’s senior staff changes represent a frank acknowledgment of the trouble in which President Bush now finds himself. They are also a signal of how starkly […]

Start of A Crackdown

I guess any policy addressing illegal immigration needs to start here: The Bush administration unveiled Thursday what it said is a new strategy aimed at companies employing illegal immigrants, illustrating it with a crackdown on the German-based firm IFCO Systems. Law enforcement officials will “use all the tools we have, whether it be criminal enforcement […]

McLellan Stepping Down, Rove Reassigned

The news from the NY Times: The overhaul of the White House staff continued today as Scott McClellan stepped down as the president’s chief spokesman and Karl Rove gave up his portfolio as senior policy coordinator to concentrate more politics and November’s midterm Congressional elections. Mr. Rove has been Mr. Bush’s senior political adviser since […]