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At Some Point

The International Community is going to recognize that Iran is simply going to do what she wants: Iran vowed on Monday to pursue nuclear research even if talks in Moscow lead to agreement on a Russian offer to enrich uranium for Iranian power plants — a plan aimed at calming fears Tehran wants atomic bombs. […]

The Final Cheney Wrap-Up

For those of you who can never have too much of the Cheney shooting (can you believe this just happened a week ago? It feels like this happened last year, there has been so much BS printed and said about this little event already), here is one last post-mortem on this now dead story: Mary […]

Just Deserts

The president’s welfare program for big pharma masquerading as a social program for the elderly is going to bite Republicans in the ass: Older voters, a critical component of Republican Congressional victories for more than a decade, could end up being a major vulnerability for the party in this year’s midterm elections, according to strategists […]

Olympics Open Thread

Lots of sports today, including WVU taking on #1 UCONN on CBS in a few hours. I just watched the 12.5km Pursuit (biathlon), and it was not only the first time I ever thought cross country skiing was exciting, but it was the most thrilling and clearly physically gruelling thing I have seen so far […]

Hero Today, Goner Tomorrow

Mother Jones has a pretty long and interesting piece on how DNC guerillas fragged the candidacy of ‘Fighting Dem’ LTC Paul Hackett, who as recently as a few months ago was a Democratic party darling: Hackett, an Iraq War combat veteran, was hailed last summer as just the kind of “fighting Democrat” the party needed […]