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Behaving like the greedy thieves

Behaving like the greedy thieves that they are, the House of Representatives, the body with a REPUBLICAN majority, under the cover of darkness, pickpocketed each and every one of us and stole a little bit of our constitutionally protected rights. Shays-Meehan aka the Incumbent Protection Act of 2002 aka The Large Media Monopoly Empowerment act […]

This may be the most

This may be the most disturbing (and filthy) thing I have ever seen on the web. It is called the Pornolizer. I just love it. Found this link on Richard Bennett’s Omphalos, a website I found from the Vodkapundit. Dad- Do not show mom this.

It has been merely 24

It has been merely 24 hours since I typed the phrase ‘Sandra Bezic is just knock out gorgeous.’ Since then I have been googled 5 times for: Sandra+Bezic+nude *** Update *** 9 times.

In one of the most

In one of the most triumphant displays of rhetorical excess in recent memory, Tom Turnipseed (I am not making the name up) has managed to meld every hackneyed leftist ideal into one semi-incoherent smorgasbord of self-loathing and blame-shifting. In an article titled The Bush Administration’s Folly: Arrogance of Arms Abroad and Access to Avarice at […]

I have long said that

I have long said that Ice Skating is not a sport. I have said it here several times this week. It may still be an athletic event, but who the hell cares, especially since it is rigged. The only reason this bothers me is because I know there are a lot of people who really […]