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Regarding Mr. Jefferson

And speaking of Mr. Jefferson, here is the story everyone is talking about: Democratic leaders sought to distance the party from Mr. Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who has been accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. In doing that, the leaders tried to draw a distinction […]

Hayden at the CIA

Looks like he will get the votes: WASHINGTON General Michael Hayden has the cautious support of Senator Carl Levin in Hayden’s bid to become the nation’s next C-I-A director. Levin is a Michigan Democrat is a key member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which plans to vote on Hayden’s nomination tomorrow afternoon. Levin told Detroit […]

The LA Race

According to the Drudge Report (which on some days is a step below the bathroom wall in terms of reliability), the DNC worked to defeat Mayor Nagin: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly placed political operatives in the city of New Orleans to work against the reelection efforts of incumbent Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, the […]

Bye, Bye Barbaro

I watched this happen Saturday, and it was awful: Barbaro’s racing career is over, but a valiant and costly effort was made Sunday to repair the right hind leg of the horse that sustained a catastrophic ankle break before an audience of millions early in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. On Sunday night at the […]