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An amusing test to check

An amusing test to check your nerdity quotient that I found on The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century. Favorite questions: Is your outfit uncoordinated? (have someone else evaluate this) -and- If you are still reading this test, do you really need a test score to prove you are a nerd? For what it […]

Joshua Bittker over at

Joshua Bittker over at Smarterpundit is confused and a bit testy about the price of his science journals. Here is Josh’s main argument: A subscription to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is much more expensive than a subscription to Time, by a margin of $225.00 to $24.95. To help Josh, I have posted […]

Ten Second Movie Reviews, a

Ten Second Movie Reviews, a service of the Curmudgeon’s Corner: Planet of the Apes– Time flew by like I was hitting my big toe with a hammer. New Kids on the Block still suck. Tomb Raider– Less pleasant than showering in prison. Wished I had spent the time necking with my brother. The Mummy Returns– […]

I swore I would not

I swore I would not mention the Cornell West thing. All I did was label him an idiot, employing my favorite fallacy, the ad hominem, to instead sum up my argument . This is in part out of contempt, but mostly sheer laziness. Although, I am not sure if it is an ad hominem if […]

Andrew Sullivan has some interesting

Andrew Sullivan has some interesting info about the GOP candidate for governor in Massachussetts. Good news if you ask me. The right needs to get over this damn homosexuality problem. I have long felt that both modern Repubs and Modern Democrats spend too much time intruding in people’s lives. Republicans want in my bedroom to […]

Safety Nazi Alert: I was

Safety Nazi Alert: I was opening my club soda about an hour ago, when I found this helpful warning on the bottle; Warning! Contents under pressure Cap may blow off causing eye or other serious injury. Point away from face and people, especially while opening. No instructions were given on how to drink from the […]