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Grandpa Crankypants Is In A Mood

"I…worked on this investigation for over a year…and…he just…he tweeted it out." – Robert Mueller. Probably. — ᴊᴏꜱʜᴜᴀ🐕 (@billyliberty) August 5, 2018 So, ummmm, the excuse used to be this was about adoption and had nothing to do with oppo research. Trump Tweets a Confession, Then Sekulow Admits His Client Has Been Lying about His […]

Memories From Youth

Interesting thread by Stephanie McKellop on twitter: What are things y'all who also came from lower class associate with Middle Class™? And not like "a salary" or "owns a house," but the little, more symbolic things? For ex, my list: Gets desserts at restaurantsHas a specific hairdresserReal butterFresh picked flowers — stephanie (@mckellogs) August 3, […]

Fear and Self Loathing

First off, I have no idea why there is a Newseum. If there needs to be one, it should be completely online with maybe a small building to house what little can not be kept in virtual space. As it is, here is the ridiculous monstrosity: And then you have this: If you’re looking to […]

Miserable Is Exactly Right

This is a great piece: Miserable. Every time I see them, this is the word that prevails. Whenever I encounter a supporter of this President on social media now, or scan the crowds at his propaganda rallies, or see his surrogates bloviating on talk shows or pounding upon pulpits, I am left with the same […]