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I Find You Unimpressive And Boring

“Yes, gaze upon my magnificence, and yes, that is your quilt and bathrobe upon which I rest.” “I find you unimpressive and boring. How much? This much?” “Cower at the sight of my fangs, you insignificant furless food dispenser.” “Now be gone with you, I shan’t require any additional sustenance until 5 am. You will […]

This is Amazing!

I love this: I am the very model of a New York Times contrarian, My intellect is polished but my soul’s authoritarian, From Allen down to Exxon, bullies’ water I am carrying, Except for Donald Trump’s, because I find him a vulgarian. I’m very well acquainted, too, with arguments political, I love to mount defenses […]

Pancreatic Friendly Diet

Anyone got some meal suggestions? I’m going through my pantry and pulling out all the shit that is bad for it and taking it to the food bank. This scare, regardless what the doc says on Monday, is enough for me to get up off my ass and get shit in order. The dairy is […]