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Pretty Sunsets

I don’t know the physics of why it happens (well, I mean I think I sort of know that the earth’s position relative to the sun is different and that results in light refracting differently producing a different spectrum ), but the amber glow of fall sunsets has always really messed with my eyes and […]

House of Pets

Here’s something rare for you all- all the Cole pets in one post. First, the angel, sunning herself on the deck: Now the devil, sleeping on top of every sheet and blanket he could ball up into a pile: And now the two wildcards- a dancing and happy Rosie with musical accompaniment from Steve: Rosie […]

Scary Times for Men

This is pretty genius: It's a really scary time for dudes right now. So I wrote a song about it. Go #vote friends! #TheResistance #1Thing @ACLU @WC4SJ #letsmakesomenoise pic.twitter.com/hz7E3xMRqR — Lynzy Lab (@mercedeslynz) October 8, 2018 Here in youtube for those of you with twitter issues: