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Epstein’s Death

Betty already brought this up, and the thing to remember is that whether it was suicide or murder,NOTHING scares the rich and powerful men like accountability for their actions. Nothing. They’d rather kill themselves or have someone killed that account for their actions.

Busy Day Today

Spent the day running around- picked up Tammy, dropped off medicine for his dogs and visited his cats, hit Lowe’s for some paint for the front porch, came home, then headed to the Bridgeville Farmer’s market to get some things, then to Chico Fiesta for dinner, and now back home to prep for tomorrow. First […]

Sunflower Update

Apparently I have somehow managed to grow the world’s largest sunflowers, as they are all about 12′ tall and some are closer to 15-16′. I’m gonna need to borrow a wood chipper to compost the damned things: That’s the stem at about 4′, not even the base which is bigger. Here are the midgets at […]