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Fucking Bloody Hell, Steve

Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger bed: That bed was A.) made and B.) is queen size. I don’t think he mussed it all by himself, as that looks like Thurston’s handiwork because three pillows are on the damned floor.

Stone Cold Killer

I killed a man on twitter just to watch him die: I’m proud of that one. I am just sick of the fucking bullshit from these religious nutjobs. Especially since a shit ton of these fetus fetishists voted for Trump, just like Jesus would do.

They’re Just Fucking With Us Now, Right?

Awesome: “Honey, I’m going on Fox to announce that my biker gang of meatheads will be private security for Trump and bash any protestors that get ‘unruly.’ What should I wear?” “I dunno, babe. Probably anything but brown. Literally anything but a brown shirt.” Bonus hilarity- that is Chris Cox, head of Bikers for Trump, […]

Let’s Talk About SNL

I think one of the things that is becoming very clear to a lot of people is that this upcoming administration is going to require unprecedented resistance. Let me make this crystal clear- one of the ways the Republicans and the bobbleheads like Kurtz, Todd, and others are going to rely on is hoary old […]