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Tweet VERY LOUDLY and Carry a Teeny Tiny Stick Because You Really Have Ridiculously Small, Some Would Say Miniscule Hands and You Know What That Means Don’t You Ferrethead

Been a banner week for Dolt 45, as he has been basically rolled on all fronts. He has: 1.) Dropped his bellicose BS with China over Taiwan, and has agree to adhere to the One China policy. That’s playing well in China: The phrase bandied around after Trump’s Thursday night phone call with Chinese Communist […]

Late Night Open Thread

Even though we didn’t get much snow and it had melted off the roads by four pm, last night until about 10 am this morning and then again all night tonight, my internet has been down. I’m wondering if this guy had anything to do with it: He looks like he has been up to […]

Speaking of Dicks

My neighbor Gerald is over helping me organize the basement, and we are going through all this shit I have accumulated and putting it where it makes sense, seeing if he wants it, or if it can be sold on ebay or maybe a yard sale, etc. Basically thinning out everything and going through the […]

And DeVos Is In

Republicans are so intent on destroying public education that they trotted out Pence to break the 50-50 split. An smarter administration would have noticed the strength of the opposition and found a better candidate. Other nominees have been confirmed with quite large margins. But they don’t care. This is a win for the talibangelicals and […]