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Open Thread

I have the most worthless dogs on the planet. They will bark all day long at anything and everything (well, not Lily, but the other two assholes). I just got a text from my friend Amy, who has hens and we trade veggies and eggs and the like, stopped by my house and put some […]

Four Years of Sobriety Down

True to form, I missed my soberversary again. Maybe it’s easier to keep track and remember this stuff when you go to AA and get coins and all the flair. Whatever. Feels like it has been longer than four years, though, although I’m not sure how much of that is because everything since President Dollhands […]

Today in Arguments With a Crazy Woman

My mother and I are currently engaged in a heated (not really, because she is wrong and crazy) dispute. A new restaurant opened up in the big city of Wellsburg called Dovetail Fire & Ale. It’s located where several other restaurants have been, but I think this one will last. I had delicious fish tacos […]