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RIP Gracie- A Good Cat

Awwww: These are some of my favorite photos of Gracie. She had a good cat life and she had her uniqueness in our house. Gracie was nobody’s cat because she exerted ownership over Grumpy Code Monkey. Every night she would get into his lap (microseconds from his butt hitting a seat cushion), lean into him […]

Late Night Open Thread

I’m eating applesauce made from a medley of apples purchased at Brown’s Orchard and Cider in Hickory, PA, and it is so sweet and flavorful it did not need sugar. I did put a little cinnamon on it though. Watching the Spielberg documentary on HBO. You?

The Selfishness of It All

I’m warning you in advance this is going to be another rambling post. Yesterday I was looking at the pictures of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, and I made it a point to read every bio that was provided. I figured it was the least I could do, because I know we aren’t […]