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You Gotta Have Your Priorities

This just makes me want to scream: Thousands of rape investigations are bogged down in Texas because of untested evidence, but a lawmaker has proposed a bill that would use public crowdfunding to help pay for testing and fix the backlog. In the first legislation of its kind, the lawmaker, Representative Victoria Neave, a Democrat […]

We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1899

Mind boggling legislation in WV: State safety inspectors wouldn’t inspect West Virginia’s coal mines anymore. They would conduct “compliance visits and education.” Violations of health and safety standards wouldn’t produce state citations and fines, either. Mine operators would receive “compliance assistance visit notices.” And West Virginia regulators wouldn’t have authority to write safety and health […]

Steve’s Excellent Adventure

I’m assuming you are all watching Maddow because of Trump’s tax returns, but I just wanted to let you know that Steve had been missing for 36 hours. I last saw him Sunday night at bedtime, and he missed both meals yesterday. I’m used to him disappearing and figured he would be back this morning, […]

Seriously, Just go Fuck Yourself to Death

This fucking guy: Former Gov. Pat McCrory says the backlash against House Bill 2 is making it difficult for him to land a new job after he left office. McCrory has been appearing frequently on national media outlets to defend the controversial LGBT law, but he hasn’t announced what’s next for his career. In a […]

Lazy Fucking Moocher Fetuses

Party of life, my ass: WHEN REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN John Shimkus expressed outrage during a House committee hearing Wednesday “about men having to purchase prenatal care” in their health insurance — the video clip of which caught fire on social media as an example of misogyny and cluelessness — he wasn’t going rogue. He was just […]